Strength & Conditioning

Suitable for all levels of fitness from beginners through to athletes. Each session will offer a variety of functional, engaging and challenging movements – with no two sessions ever the same!

Muay Thai Kickboxing & Boxing

Learn and use correct techniques and skills, whilst getting a great workout. suitable for all fitness levels.

Personal Training

Personalised sessions to help you succeed your goal, being weight loss, maintain or gain strength and fitness.

Latest News

Read this BEFORE you fail another New years Resolution!

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  Are you ready to fail another new year’s resolution? Have you thought ahead to 2019 ? Have you started writing a bucket list of things you want to do differently in the new year? Please stop! DO NOT make another new year’s resolution about losing weight or shaping up! The internet is about to […]

Post Baby Pump! 20kg down & energy levels back up!

8 Months in & 8 months out. This is our take on the social media trend to take a moment to celebrate and reflect that your little human has spent as much time out of the womb as they had in your womb! Being that our little man fought hard through a tricky pregnancy and […]

The Low Down on Protein & our FAV Protein Shake Recipes

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What is the big deal about protein? Lets keep it simple. Protein is a VERY important component of our bodies which is used to repair muscle, hair, bone, skin, cartilage and even blood! Protein also supports the creation of enzymes and hormones. Like fat and carbohydrates, protein also has an energy value, 17kj per gram […]

NEWSFLASH GIRLS : Weight Training wont make you “BULK UP”

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Girls. Please. I beg you. Stop holding back in the gym because you are afraid of ‘bulking up’. It is no secret that we (and anyone that has a clue in the fitness industry) strongly recommend that women include weight training in their weekly exercise routine. I am passionate about supporting all members, but particularly […]

The Training Room Geelong

The Training Room Geelong is a gym located in North Geelong specialising in Strength & Conditioning, Functional Fitness, Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing and Personal Training.

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