Strength & Conditioning

Suitable for all levels of fitness from beginners through to athletes. Each session will offer a variety of functional, engaging and challenging movements – with no two sessions ever the same!

Muay Thai Kickboxing & Boxing

Learn and use correct techniques and skills, whilst getting a great workout. suitable for all fitness levels.

Personal Training

Personalised sessions to help you succeed your goal, being weight loss, maintain or gain strength and fitness.

Latest News

Drop the weight of your own expectations

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Another Manic Monday? Maybe you need to take a chill pill like I did!! Feeling disheartened? Are you hard on yourself? Do you feel like giving up? Is it all just too damn hard? …Maybe we need to retrain our minds to stop looking at things with a glass half empty mentality. In my early […]

The 4 people in my TRIBE

Over the past decade, I have built my very own ‘tribe’. Your ‘tribe’ are the people that you don’t have to censor yourself with, the people you trust and love with every inch of your soul. My tribe consists of 4 people. Just 4. Two of these people I have known for a decade and […]

Member Spotlight : Chace

Work/Life balance can often seem like a pipe dream for most of us! Throw a baby into the mix and its a juggling act that we are all still trying to master! We know its important for your time in the gym to be WORTH the EFFORT it can take just to get there! We […]

Member Spotlight : Robyn

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At The Training Room Geelong we are proud of the community we have built and take inspiration from our members daily. We see the effort and energy they invest into their sessions – but we also see everything they have going on beyond the gym and appreciate them for the truly awesome people they are. […]

The Training Room Geelong

The Training Room Geelong is a gym located in North Geelong specialising in Strength & Conditioning, Functional Fitness, Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing and Personal Training.

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