Building Strong, Lean, Sexy Legs

Can you feel it ? Or am I just being optimistic? The weather is finally starting to warm up! As we get excited to pull on shorts rather than leggings – our focus in the gym may shift to building shapely legs (all the better to tan with right?!)

It is very common for women to hold weight about their bum and thighs, and it can be frustrating when trying to shift weight from this area because it is often the last place that weight comes off. Here at The Training Room Geelong we embrace thick, strong, sexy thighs! All the better to squat with, run with and kick with ! Strong is sexy!

Strength Training ! At The Training Room Geelong we use free weights for all of our weight training. This allows you to make the most of the force of gravity, and wont allow you to simply rely on gym equipment to take you through the motions of a workout. Some examples include deadlifts, lunges, squats, step ups – all of which will not only tone your legs but will strengthen your entire body. Consistency in strength training is the key to transforming your body – particularly when it comes to your legs!


Kick it ! The more you move the greater energy you will exert, and the greater the changes will be in your body composition. Kick boxing is the ULTIMATE form of cardio! Not only do you want to be building muscle, you also want to be shedding unwanted fat. Including at least two sessions of high intensity cardio into your week will deliver you results quickly! Kick boxing sessions at The Training Room Geelong are the ultimate cardio sessions. They are fun, fast and designed to not only teach you the skill of kick boxing but to ensure you are getting a great cardio workout each and every time!


Eat Well & Stay Hydrated ! Having strong legs is great, but to really see the results you want you need to ensure you are fuelling your body well! Following a structured nutrition plan that is designed to meet your current needs, goals, body and training program will boost your results. Staying hydrated may help to improve the appearance of cellulite. Eating well and remaining hydrated will ensure you body can continue to perform well in training and you can maximise your time spent in the gym.


To be supported by our coaches in achieving your goals join us at The Training Room Geelong. Members have unlimited access to over 40 group sessions each week!