I call bullshit on Motivation – Here is why.

“When I loved myself enough, I began leaving whatever wasn’t healthy. This meant people, jobs, my own beliefs and habits—anything that kept me small. My judgment called it disloyal. Now I see it as self-loving.” ~Kim McMillen 


Here at The Training Room Geelong we often hear newcomers tell us about how they lack motivation. We are told by many that they are searching for motivation, or that they would make better choices for themselves if only they were more motivated.


It might just be the most overused and overrated word within the fitness industry.


If you are not yet fulfilling your own potential as a healthy, happy human it is not because you simply lack motivation. It is simply because the choices you are making are not aligned with the results you want.

Putting time and energy into learning to love and respect your own choices will be far more productive than sitting around hoping motivation falls out of the sky and lands in your lap.


There is no denying that both Steve and myself could be described as motivated people (amongst other things!) We rise before the sun every day and have enough energy and enthusiasm to share with all of our members as we cram as much as we can into each and every day. However, the important thing to note is that we do not always feel ‘motivated’. Of course there are days when it seems too cold in the morning, we have not been able to have a good night sleep, our bodies are sore, our minds are tangled in a never ending to do list – but we get on with the day. Not because we are motivated, but because we are committed to making daily choices that best serve us.


We teach our passion. We live and breathe the very things that keep the spark within us burning bright.

Obviously, Steve is often motivated by clear goals involving professional kickboxing fights. His commitment to training and nutrition revolve around a clear outcome – being fighting fit. It is inspiring to watch him work towards his fights. His dedication is well balanced between his commitments to his family, business and as the days to his fight approach, he is steady and focused. His motivation is clear – his choices are productive.

I myself, am guided by intrinsic motivation of a different kind. My life experience and the journey that has lead me to Geelong has gifted me with a deep understanding of the importance of manifesting strength of mind, body and spirit. Training, lifting, sweating, pushing my body beyond what I thought it was capable of doing has stretched me in ways that cannot be undone.

A lot of people talk about being ‘their own worst critic’.

That doesn’t seem very productive to me.

I am not my worst critic. I back myself 100%. I know I can endure anything. I will show up for myself. I can rely on my mind and my body… I cannot be broken. So on any given day I will rise and meet a challenge. The gym gives this to me – and I believe the same approach filters into all other areas of my life. So whilst I am not always necessarily motivated to train, I am committed to allowing myself the opportunity to reap the rewards.

Motivation will not necessarily be a wave of emotion that you feel. In fact, it probably wont be!

If you are like Steve, and you have a clear, set end goal – you might assume that you will immediately be motivated. The truth is, you cant simply rely on this vague concept of being motivated. You need to ensure you have set yourself up for ongoing success.

At the beginning of a health and fitness journey it is important that you find what you love in a place you love.

It is important that you focus less on the end result and more on the process. Love what you do, and you will be able to do it consistently – and results will come! If you dread going to the gym – you have not found the right place for you! A supportive environment that elevates your spirit is transformational! It can make a huge difference! Here at The Training Room Geelong, we pride ourselves on being a family of sorts. Looking forward to seeing familiar faces, being in a gym that has a positive atmosphere (and no dickheads!) and feeling safe to be completely yourself in the space will ensure you look forward to coming to the gym, even on the days you don’t necessarily look forward to exercising.

If you have not exercised in a long time, or ever – you might not know what it is that you love to do. Just try something! Keep trying new things until you find something that you can connect with.

Share your needs with trainers and allow them to guide you in the right direction. Just make sure you do something!

Don’t wait to be motivated. Take the first steps in making positive, productive choices for yourself.

Contact us here at The Training Room Geelong and organise a complimentary session. Talk to a trainer about the results you really want.

Make positive choices today, and tomorrow, and the day after that. The results will come…but only if you do something other than sitting around waiting for motivation to find you.

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