September Super Session

ITS ON! We have a HUGE morning planned to kick off September at The Training Room Geelong. We invite all members to join us on what is always guaranteed to be an EPIC morning! Our Super Sessions are infamous for being the perfect mix of insanity and fun! We will be running 4 events on […]

Walk For Prems 2018 #makingadifferencetogether

On March 17, 2018 we welcomed our little boy Tyson Anthony Moxon into the world. He is a dream come true for us and we are so incredibly grateful to have this happy little boy in our lives. However, we overcame huge obstacles to bring our little boy home safely and will be forever changed […]

Corporate Yoga at The Training Room Geelong

At The Training Room Geelong we are proud and passionate about developing a community that is health conscious and radiates positivity. It is for this reason we are offering FREE yoga sessions to all businesses within the Federal Mills Park.  All employees of ay business within the Federal Mills Park will be warmly welcomed – […]

Women’s Self Defence Seminar

Two Time World Champion Kickboxer Steve Moxon presents a fun and non intimidating 60 minute seminar designed specifically for the women in our community. Steve Moxon will deliver an exciting combination of cardio conditioning, basic fight moves and self defence techniques. As a proud partner and father, Steve believes that all women should be empowered […]

Burn Baby Burn – Resistance Band Training at TTRG

Resistance bands are not to be underestimated! These small band loops looking seemingly innocent compared to some of the bigger pieces of equipment at The Training Room Geelong – but these little babies pack a punch in our strength and conditioning sessions! Resistance bands can be used for rehab and physical therapy purposes – but […]

4 Things to know about our Running Program

4 Things to know about our 10 weeks to 10km beginners running program 1.  You may instantly regret the decision Once you have clicked JOIN in our group you may experience a sick feeling in your stomach!! The reality of what you have committed yourself to doing kicks in – and immediately you will start you question […]

Run like the wind.. or a slight breeze

I never became a great runner. I don’t set the quickest pace, and my form is far from perfect. But running allowed me to practice the art of finishing what I start – and for that, I will always love running passionately. Over a decade ago I committed to running each and every morning. I […]

Feeling sore and worn down? You might be inclined to think that if your body isnt aching, you havent worked hard enough. Its actually more likely that if you are in worlds of pain after training – you havent invested enough time and energy into your recovery! At The Training Room Geelong we take our […]


James Shingles Amateur Kickiboxing record – 1 Win, 1 Loss, 1 Draw Training Experience 12 Months only James has the skills and determination for what it takes to step in to the ring. With an amazing fitness base. James has great footwork and understanding of the fight game already.   Matt Wilson   With a […]