I don’t respect you either

I don’t respect you. I didn’t make that decision alone. In fact – it was you that made that decision for me. You forced my hand. You gave me no choice. You see – I am so in tune with my own values that the way in which I experience the world has become crystal […]

TTRG RUN CREW: Taking on the Melbourne Half Marathon together

If you are looking to cultivate a stronger sense of self, a deeper appreciation for your body or to master your mindset – WE HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY YOU CANNOT LET PASS YOU BY! The Training Room Geelong Running Crew is my genuine offering to our community – I know the experience is transformational. I am […]

Healthy Hearty RECIPES

    During Steve’s last weight cut for his third title fight – members were blown away as they witnessed his slowly but surely dropping an incredible 19kg over 10 weeks. What was most impressive was that Steve’s energy levels and performance sky rocketed at the same time! We dont keep secrets – we shared […]


WE HAVE $50 VOUCHERS TO GIVE AWAY IN JUNE!   We know that training at The Training Room Geelong is so much more than just exercise. Its our place of motivation, inspiration and a way to reenergise every day.   Having a strong circle of influence is the key to long term results and so […]


To our valued TTRG community, We are excited to announce an UPDATED TIMETABLE that we believe will best serve our members. The changes made have been a result of feedback from members and attendance in specific group sessions. Please take a moment to review the new group session times. NEW TIMETABLE BEGINS SATURDAY JUNE 1st, […]

Unleash The Fighter Within

A lot of people talk about wanting to become fighters – and then do nothing about it. We see this a lot in the fitness industry, but it doesn’t end there. I see it every day in so many different ways. People talk wanting to run a 10km fun run, but then don’t actually get […]

Where we find UNLIMITED motivation every day

We are unconventionally passionate about rewriting belief systems at The Training Room Geelong. Having our own children has gifted us with the opportunity to reevaluate our actions and our thoughts and assess what their little eyes will take in as they watch us go about our day.   Steve has a five year old daughter […]

Team Moxon Count Down

Bear and his kids are #TEAMMOXON loud and proud! We appreciate the support so very much! We know that what you do carries far less importance than who you are. In today’s culture goal setting is widely broadcasted and documented by every joe blow going around. In your quest to fulfil your own desires are […]

Break up with Unhelpful Beliefs

Our belief systems are so powerful. They drive us to action. They are the puppet masters in our show of life. Are your beliefs fuelling negative behaviours when it comes to your health and fitness? I have spent a lot of time thinking about my beliefs in all areas of my life. I have picked […]