CrossFit is a Strength and Conditioning program aimed around functional fitness. It is designed so that the exercises are constantly varied, and performed at a high intensity.  However technique always comes before intensity. You will be performing a wide range of exercises including various weight lifting movements, body weight and gymnastics movements, kettle bells, running, rowing and for the advanced Olympic Weight Lifting movements. We put all this together in a program that no matter what level you are at, it will get you fit and strong and improve your general fitness level.

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F.I.T is a 1 hour session consisting of many work outs, with no two classes the same. these work outs may include everything from body weight exercises to sled work and even some boxing. F.I.T class is at 12:00pm daily. so perfect for your lunch break work out.




This class will be at a higher work rate while still learning the fundamentals and correct striking and defence techniques, whilst working up a sweat. As well as some cardio/cuircut work included into classes. Suitable for beginner to advanced. And no partner needed. You will learn how to hit the bags and pads in a fun environment. Class length- 1 hour.




This 1 hour session will concentrate on correct techniques in every aspect of the sport, from footwork, striking, defence and how to correctly hit the bag and hold pads for a partner. For beginner to advanced, you will still get a great work out! Taught by World Champion fighter Steve Moxon.




TTR Boot camp is designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of intense exercises. Our 1 hour long session will include everything from- Body weight exercises, building strength and cardio while also utilising equipment such as battle ropes, kettle bells and medicine balls. No two classes are the same. This session will push you a little bit further than you would push yourself alone in the gym, nevertheless it is always fun and a great way to start your morning and meet new people.