Be trained by a TWO TIME World Champ! Head Coach and WKF & MASA Middle Weight World Title holder Steve Moxon has designed boxing sessions suitable for beginner to advanced members. In this 1 hour Boxing session you will learn correct striking and defence techniques as well as some cardio and conditioning whilst working up a sweat. No partner needed. You will learn how to hit the bags and pads in a fun, safe environment.


This is the class where you don’t have to be a fighter to look like one! These sessions are designed and lead by head coach Steve Moxon. This 1 hour session is designed to introduce fundamental drills, basic offensive and defensive footwork, proper form of punches, kicks, knees and elbows, as well as loads of cardio and conditioning. You’ll learn great techniques as well as blasting out rounds on the heavy bag, focus pads and basic partner drills. Suitable for beginner to advanced. No partner needed.

Members wishing to train to spar or even fight should are encouraged to speak Steve to be best supported in achieving these goals. Regular sparring days are organised and lead by Steve and held in our full size boxing ring.

Fighters Group (Invite Only)

Fighters Group is an invite only session for intermediate to advanced members who have experience in contact drills, sparring, advanced pad work and techniques. Entry into fighters group is based on the discretion of Steve Moxon and his observation of member’s skills/performance in sessions throughout the week at The Training Room Geelong. Intake for fighters group is by invite only and cannot be requested by members. To participate in Fighters Group you need to provide your own protective equipment including 16 ounce gloves, mouth guard, shin guards, groin guard. Members of Fighters Group work together to better their skills and may have opportunities to fight in amateur and professional events. High standards and a strong code of conduct will be enforced for the safety of all members.


F.I.T is a fun, fast session consisting of many exercises, with no two classes the same. These work outs may include everything from body weight exercises to kettle bells, sled work and even some boxing.

F.I.T classes are at 12:00pm Monday to Friday and run for just 30 minutes, making them perfect for your lunch break work out! Members are welcome to use our shower facilities before returning to work.


Strength and Conditioning sessions at The Training Room Geelong are suitable for all levels of fitness from beginners through to athletes. Each session will offer a variety of engaging, challenging movements which will include a combination of weight lifting, cardio drills and plyometric movements – with no two sessions ever the same! Participating in Strength and Conditioning sessions will improve your overall fitness levels, speed, strength and power. It is fun, fast and challenging! You will be supported by a coach at all times to ensure you are performing movements safely and effectively.