Gymnastics Sessions at TTRG – All Welcome (and why all should attend!!)

At The Training Room Geelong – our sessions are carefully designed to deliver results and keep members motivated and engaged! One of the ways that we keep members motivated is by ensuring we are constantly challenging them to learn new skills! Strength and Conditioning Training and Gymnastics may not seem like they go hand in hand – but they definitely do!

People are often surprised by just how many gymnastics movements are included within our workouts (and how truly challenging they are!!) If you are wanting to improve your push ups, master a pull up, perform a ring dip or simply just move your body with confidence – Gymastics Sessions are what you need!

Gymnastics movements challenge the body because quite often within our sessions we are trying to move in ways that our sedentary lifestyles don’t promote! Moving our bodies efficiently requires a combination of strength, mobility and coordination. Cue Gymastics Training!

Many people avoid gymnastics movements because at first it feels unnatural, and difficult. Rather than moving away from what we find challenging, the real fun begins when we dig a little deeper and find out just what we can achieve if we are kind to ourselves and allow time, patience and practise to learn new skills!

A supportive environment like The Training Room Geelong is the perfect place to learn. Feeling like a beginner again can be a very humbling experience. Even the ‘fittest’, ‘strongest’ members often need explicit coaching in gymnastics movements.

The important thing to remember is – it is ok to be an absolute beginner! Mastery does not have to be your goal! Progress and enjoying the journey can be fulfilling and rewarding ( we believe you really can teach an old dog new tricks around here!)

It is common to see people coming in to the gym who are very keen to perform kipping movements. However, too many people are bypassing mastering strict pull ups first! Building strength in a strict pull up before moving to a more explosive movement will not only ensure you have developed adequate strength to perform the movement properly, it will also reduce your risk of injury!

Gymnastics sessions at The Training Room Geelong are suitable for all levels from beginners right through to advanced athletes. Fundamental movements, core work and mobility will be explored and explicitly coached.

Gymastics Sessions will begin this September at the Training Room Geelong. They will be on Wednesday nights at 6:00-7:00 and lead by Coach Lachie.

These sessions are FREE for our Members and $15.00 for Guests.

All welcome. Suitable for all levels of fitness.

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