Feeling sore and worn down? You might be inclined to think that if your body isnt aching, you havent worked hard enough. Its actually more likely that if you are in worlds of pain after training – you havent invested enough time and energy into your recovery!

At The Training Room Geelong we take our rest and recovery as seriously as we take our training. This includes appropriate nutrition (pre and post workout), ensuring our training plans are balanced (efficient and effective) and making sure we are just as passionate about cooling down as we are about working out!

Our favourite way to ensure we are promoting longevity in our bodies – is to get a massage!

Yup, you heard it here – massage is an important part of getting results! Easy right?
Whether you are training for the marathon, playing your team sport, or simply working out to keep fit and healthy, a skilled sports massage  has many benefits will assist and increase your performance.

Massage throughout your training schedule will address any issues that may arise, significantly decreasing risk of injury, as well as can prevent or speed up recovery of injury.

Massage will increase your muscle tone and prevent or relieve delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) by encouraging blood and lymph flow throughout the body, and will flush metabolic wastes i.e. lactic acid that build up during training, as well as prevent muscle fatigue.

Massage can also help a person manage stress by releasing endorphins that will provide pain relief, as well as can increase your energy levels. And not forget it feels really good!

So feel free to add this to your training plan – we have a feeling this wont be too hard to commit to!

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