We teach our passion! Its our mission statement here at The Training Room Geelong – and a way of living ! We make time only for the things that set our souls on fire and surround ourselves with people who are equally as passionate and positive!

You will feel the energy as soon as you walk through our doors!

The Training Room Geelong is a world class facility located in North Geelong’s iconic Federal Mills Park. A family owned business proudly operated by Two Time World Kickboxing Champion Steve Moxon that generates unwavering energy and genuine support for all members and the wider community.

The Training Room Geelong specialises in Strength and Conditioning, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, Functional Fitness & Personal Training. All levels of fitness and experience are welcomed and well looked after.

Group sessions are suitable for all levels of fitness and offer considerable opportunities for movements to be modified to suit individual needs.

This is a warm, welcoming community and a gym that uplifts and motivates every single person within its four walls.


Head Coach Steve Moxon


  • Current WKF Middle Weight  World Champion
  • Current MASA Middle Weight World Champion
  • ISKA South Pacific Middle Weight Champion
  • Kings of Kombat Champion
  • Australia’s only signed Glory World Series Fighter
  • 2014 & 2015 Australian Kickboxer of the Year
  • Certificate 3 Fitness, Certificate 4 Personal Training
  • CrossFit Level 1 certified
  • Achievements: Ranked No. 1 in Australia, Ranked No. 11 in the world (Glory World Series rankings)


Current Middle Weight World Champion Kickboxer and professional Boxer Steve Moxon has been training and fighting at a professional level for 10 years. He has over 60 pro fights under his belt. Having travelled, trained and fought in the biggest Kickboxing and Boxing promotions all over the world, Steve has built up an abundance of valuable knowledge that he now passes onto members. Steve is Geelong’s only World Champion Kick Boxer – and we are proud to call him our own here at The Training Room Geelong.

Steve was 18 years old when a friend suggested that he try a kickboxing class. Steve was instantly hooked and turned up every day. Being 90kgs at the time, Steve started to lose weight and now fights at 70kgs. He is committed to motivating members to discover their inner champion. “I like to train clients like they are the next world champion”

Steve has been training and fighting for 10 years and has been a qualified coach and personal trainer for the same amount of time. He has a certificate 3 and 4 in fitness and personal training with the AIF. He hold a CrossFit Level 1 certification.

Steve is very approachable and willing to help everyone he comes in contact with at all levels. Everyone that trains with Steve, whether it be a 1 on 1 session or in one of his classes, will have the experience of training “like a fighter” and have ALOT of fun while doing it. “People always ask me why I am so happy all of the time, it’s because I get to punch something every day of the week.”

“I have been fortunate enough to fight and train all over the world. I love nothing more than to pass that knowledge on to my clients.”

“Boxing and kickboxing is a great outlet and stress release for everyone”

“I like seeing people that I train build confidence and skills”


Steve’s testimonials

I have been training with Steve Moxon for almost 12 months, doing a few 1 on 1 Boxing sessions per week. Steve is always bringing new techniques to teach me each session and not 2 sessions are the same. Not only can I now button my shirts right to the top, my day to day business and decision making is a lot more focused. And I also have a lot more energy for my wife and 3 kids.
— Addicted boxer – Heath MacFadyen

I’ve trained with Steve Moxon and couldn’t get a more elite coach with his pro fight experience & coaching skills the man is an awesome fella too, so always fun and great learning every session. He puts his passion into everything he puts together.
— Regan Neoh

I’ve been training with Steve for over 5 years and there is no one that’s more knowledgeable and passionate when it comes to teaching boxing and Muay Thai kickboxing. TTR has well thought out strength and Conditioning programs that will push you to your absolute limits but you will see the results! TTR with Steve and Lena as well as crew that are there day in and day out are like one big family. Couldn’t recommend them enough!

TRY IT OUT! — Monique Medved

I love this gym! Always have had a great experience here. I love the gym fit out and love the old buildings and the feel of the Federal mills area.

— Sev Lah

In the past 19 years I’ve done weight watchers, Jenny Craig, 1:1 PT, big gyms, boutique gyms, vibration machines, Ashy bines boot camp, mums boot camps, metafit, Pilates, yoga, Zumba, Sam wood, Chris frey tag, Kayla itsines lol I’m a health wellness junkie!!

But the HIIT sessions at The Training Room beats them all, hands down!!! 30 minutes of hard core, then done!!! And you can take kids omg I’ve been looking for this my whole life!! And honestly have never been as pushed as hard and felt so amazing ever!! I’m staying put lol x this gym has the most amazing team and family spirit! I’m in 

Thank you Mia for referring this place to me, you were spot on!!!

Thankyou for killing me each session Steve & Lena, you guys rock!!

-Fran Misfud


DIRECTORS// Meet the driving force behind all that is @thetrainingroomgeelong . There is always more than meets the eye – here are some random facts about Steve and Lena that you probably don’t know!

💣Steve grew up in a small town, Ballan with only 3000 people before moving to ‘the big smoke’ in Sydney to take his kickboxing career to the next level.

💣 Steve and Lena have known each other for 10 years – Steve was Lena’s boxing coach when he moved to Sydney. They both stupidly married other people and the universe has had to pull a lot of strings to reconnect them and give Lena a decent boxing coach again… amongst other things 😏😋.

💣Their passports have been put to work over the last decade. They have separately travelled and trained all over the world many times to pursue their passions and bring that energy to our corner of North Geelong – you can’t fake experience.

💣 Steve was a qualified infantry soldier in the Australian Army, is a cabinet maker and joiner by trade (put to good use in building the gym himself) before becoming a pro kickboxer at just 20 years old & a father to his 5 year old Daughter Jayda.

💣 Lena also has a degree in Primary Education and taught prep – grade 6 for ten years, before opening, owning and operating @sprouttutoring when she moved to Geelong.

💣 In her past life (pre Geelong) Lena also co owned and operated several Vision Personal Training Studios in Sydney and Auckland NZ.

💣Their hobbies include laughing at their own jokes, hanging out on the couch and struggling to choose something to watch on Netflix & singing along to Sesame Street songs with their one year old son Tyson.

Everyone has a story & at @thetrainingroomgeelong we are passionate about forming deep connections with our members and building a community that supports and uplifts each other in all areas of life.#weteachourpassion


Our Community

To our valued TTRG community,

We would like to take a moment to thank you for being a part of our community here at The Training Room Geelong. It fulfils us every day to see your smiling faces walk through our doors ready for another great session together.

We work hard behind the scenes to ensure we are providing a well balanced timetable and premium facilities because we believe you all deserve the very best.

We are all so very lucky to have able, healthy bodies and we commend you for making your own health and fitness a priority in your life. Whether you are striving to reach your full potential or simply using movement as an outlet to maintain a positive mindset – we value each and every one of you. Together, we have all created a community that values integrity, humility and joy.

Your ongoing support of our exciting new ventures does not go unnoticed. Your encouragement enables us to live fearlessly and try things outside of our comfort zone (like our podcast!) and we will always return the same energy, support and enthusiasm to you in each and every session.