Member of The Month – AUGUST 2017

It is with so much happiness that we make a big fuss over our member of the month for August – the beautiful, bubbly Tiffany Grech!

Tiff might have though that she was flying under the radar, humbly putting in work to progress from improving her fitness in boxing to building strength in weight training. However, we could not help but notice just how incredible her progress has been!

Recently, she has blown us away with her determination to put 110% into each session – and her results are showing! She is a fit, healthy, glowing Mum and an inspiration to us all. We love your positive attitude and willingness to just give things a go! 

We look forward to supporting you in maintaining your healthy, happy approach to training!

Read on as Tiff shares her experience at The Training Room Geelong !
I stated training at the training room because I had been searching for a friendly and safe space to training with my son Vinny and husband Aaron.  The Training Room Geelong offers sessions throughout the day that are perfect for a young family – the mid morning session times suited our routine perfectly!

My husband Aaron has always pushed me to do my best and encourage me to do better. I started off going to the kick boxing session with Aaron because he said just come and have a go you will love it!  Which I did!

I love walking into the gym and feeling like apart of a family. Everybody is so friendly and willing to help you out, even when you have no idea what you’re doing. Once I was comfortable in the gym, I started doing the Strength and Conditioning sessions too – and I love them!

I wanted to start going to the gym because I wanted to lose my baby weight. But now I have started to achieve great things that I thought I never could do!  I am now squatting and deadlifting heavy weights ! I have even become fit enough to run without feeling like I am dying! My goals have changed – I love being healthy and knowing what my body needs to feel great.

I have meet so many nice people at the The Training Room Geelong. I love training with such a great group of people.  It is also really motivating to have a world champion trainer like Steve and the combination of Lena, Lochie and Sarah as coaches. They are all knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. It makes me feel so comfortable and want to impress them all even more!

The Training Room Geelong really has the best – Vinny even loves it here too!