Member of the Month – OCTOBER

At The Training Room Geelong we firmly believe that hustle and heart will set you apart. Our member of the month for October absolutely embodies this! We are giving a huge shout out to the determined Dragana who is well and truly deserving of a nod in her direction. We commend her on her dedication to her training and her persistence. Dragana has worked with Lena to understand how to best fuel her body with the right nutrition for her training. Dragana never gives up and rather than not attempting movements or workouts that seem a little too challenging – she discusses modifications with coaches and gives it everything she has got!

Over time, we have seen her form, fitness and strength go through the roof! Dragana even recently entered her very first Crossfit competition with her lovely friend Sandra – what a great achievement! 

We love your amazing energy and are so proud to have you as part of our Training Room crew! Keep on keeping on – your progress is nothing short of amazing ! 

Read on as Dragana reflects on her time at The Training Room Geelong:


I joined the training room initially due to the great value for money with the number of classes I could attend per week and due to its location. It’s on the way home from work so no excuse to miss a class

The thing I enjoy most about training at the gym is the amazing people I get to train with. The trainers are super supportive. I have developed a strong relationship with the trainers as they are always happy to be there and up for a chat and a laugh. The other fellow gym goers are a great bunch of people who encourage each other to do our best.

Initially found it difficult to maintain consistency with my training. However, the more I attended classes the more I enjoyed them and now I hate missing a session It’s really to do with the trainers and members. If you come into a gym full of smiling faces you’re definitely likely to return and I feel like that every day with the Training Room.

In my time at The Training Room, I’ve seen an improvement (although ever so slight) in my upper body strength which is massive for me. I always had sucky arm strength but can now do a semi-handstand against the wall -which is a win.

My self-confidence has also improved and although I’ll never look like a Miranda Kerr, I’ll be a strong, healthy chick with a few rolly bits.

I hope to continue working on my fitness increasing strength and improving on my running. I also hope to hate burpees a little less

If you are thinking about getting started at The Training Room Geelong – Do it!! Great trainers, great members and great workouts. You’ll start looking forward to workouts and you never have to walk into a gym, look at a bunch of equipment and go “yea, no.” Once you’re at the gym the workout is ready to go, it just needs your 100%.