Members of the Month – JULY

Here at The Training Room Geelong we love nothing more than giving a huge shout out to members that are rocking it in here! So it is with great excitement we give a huge shout out to TWO of our members! Jen and Julian joined us earlier this year and have jumped in on many of our group sessions! Their efforts in the sessions should definitely be commended – but it is their attitude that made calling them our members of the month a pretty easy choice! This happy couple are supportive of each other and everyone around them, including the many friends they have brought into the gym to join in on the energy in here!
THANK YOU for being such awesome people and for adding to the amazing culture and community we have here at The Training Room Geelong !

Read on as Jen and Julian share their experience:

“Shout out to the crew at The Training Room! Both of us joined earlier this year and we’re well on the way to achieving the goals we set. Being absolute novices to boxing and crossfit, we were quickly welcomed to the team and pushed to our limits. With Steve’s attention to detail, coupled with Lena’s extensive nutritional knowledge we have quickly surpassed all our expectations of a gym. Although still early in our journey, we have come leaps and bounds and are committed to pushing ourselves. It’s great to see the community growing continuously and Steve and Lena’s passion continue to grow with it.

After many months spent at other gyms across Geelong, The Training Room is like no other gym we have ever experienced. After what started out as just us joining yet another gym, is now us being excited to be getting out of bed in the mornings and rushing to gym after work to meet up with Steve, Lena and our fellow members at one of the many classes.
The atmosphere is always motivating and every member we have met through the classes is always friendly and happy to share their stories and advice. Anyone who is a member of The Training Room understands the warmth and passion felt from all of the trainers and knows their level of commitment to The Training Room community is incredible.
We could not recommend The Training Room more. It is a gym suitable for absolutely anyone – even known to be kid-friendly on the weekends! One of the many things that encouraged us to become members is the vast range of fitness levels in the classes and the ability of all the trainers to tailor each class to any fitness level. Our favourite thing about The Training Room is that every member there makes you feel comfortable to be who you are, no matter what that looks like.
Thanks again to Lena, Steve & the team