Where we find UNLIMITED motivation every day

We are unconventionally passionate about rewriting belief systems at The Training Room Geelong. Having our own children has gifted us with the opportunity to reevaluate our actions and our thoughts and assess what their little eyes will take in as they watch us go about our day.   Steve has a five year old daughter […]

Team Moxon Count Down

Bear and his kids are #TEAMMOXON loud and proud! We appreciate the support so very much! We know that what you do carries far less importance than who you are. In today’s culture goal setting is widely broadcasted and documented by every joe blow going around. In your quest to fulfil your own desires are […]

Break up with Unhelpful Beliefs

Our belief systems are so powerful. They drive us to action. They are the puppet masters in our show of life. Are your beliefs fuelling negative behaviours when it comes to your health and fitness? I have spent a lot of time thinking about my beliefs in all areas of my life. I have picked […]

Run Away From Ego

The power of community cannot be denied. We feel the pulsing energy of a group that is motivated and inspired and let its beat carry us forward. As we move forward – it might begin to feel harder than anticipated to keep up with those around you. You miss a beat, fall out of time […]

Is Your Corner With You or Against You?

As a fighter – you don’t walk out to the ring alone. You walk out with the people you have selected to be in your corner throughout the fight. These are the people that will wipe you down and set you straight between rounds. Their voices will stand out amongst the crowd, as you fight […]

Darkness Doesn’t Define You

What is your most stressful thought? A few years ago I lost everything that I knew to be true. The life I had built literally crumbled before my eyes as my marriage came to an end. I didn’t just lose a relationship. I lost my home, businesses, friends, my vision for the future I had […]

Drop the weight of your own expectations

Another Manic Monday? Maybe you need to take a chill pill like I did!! Feeling disheartened? Are you hard on yourself? Do you feel like giving up? Is it all just too damn hard? …Maybe we need to retrain our minds to stop looking at things with a glass half empty mentality. In my early […]

The 4 people in my TRIBE

Over the past decade, I have built my very own ‘tribe’. Your ‘tribe’ are the people that you don’t have to censor yourself with, the people you trust and love with every inch of your soul. My tribe consists of 4 people. Just 4. Two of these people I have known for a decade and […]

Member Spotlight : Chace

Work/Life balance can often seem like a pipe dream for most of us! Throw a baby into the mix and its a juggling act that we are all still trying to master! We know its important for your time in the gym to be WORTH the EFFORT it can take just to get there! We […]