Overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

‘Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about’.  Inspiration comes in many forms. If you look around you and take the time to talk to those right by your side – you will most probably be fascinated by what you discover. We each have our own histories marked with highs and lows. […]

Ill show you mine if you show me yours…. PODCAST LOVING

Motivation and inspiration wont just turn up on your doorstep like a convenient delivery. You need to hunt it down and make it your own! We make it a priority to listen to a podcast everyday. I chuck my headphones on while Im doing the mundane daily tasks around the house and funnily enough I […]

Don’t leave it to the judges …& dont blame them when you lose

Don’t leave it to the judges. 9 out of 10 fights, there will be a controversial decision if the fight goes the distance. From the local level to the world stage; some truly epic fights have been overshadowed by so called “bad judging”. Here is the thing – every judge sees a different fight & at the end […]

Improving PADWORK

MOXON 101   PAD WORK   When learning any fight style, you should work on the fundamentals of correct stance, footwork, striking and defence, in that order!     There is no need to smash the pads and break your pad holders’ arms. Leave that for the heavy bag!     When hitting the pads […]

Basics Win Fights

I am often asked “Who is the best fighter? Who do you think will win this fight? and What’s the best way to win a fight ?” I enjoy this kind of chat and the debates they can often kick off.  I stick to facts and my opinions have been formed as a result of […]

Not Another Bloody Challenge

I am a big believer in supporting the fitness industry. I am not interested in having a dig at what any other gym or coach is doing. For the most part, we are all just trying to motivate people to live healthier, happier lives – & each of us do it differently.   I will […]


Arrive Early There is no need to book in to attend any of our sessions at The Training Room Geelong. Our doors are always open for you whenever you feel like jumping in on any of our group session. We love welcoming new faces into the gym and want to make sure your first experience […]

Read this BEFORE you fail another New years Resolution!

  Are you ready to fail another new year’s resolution? Have you thought ahead to 2019 ? Have you started writing a bucket list of things you want to do differently in the new year? Please stop! DO NOT make another new year’s resolution about losing weight or shaping up! The internet is about to […]