Quotes to Boost your Motivation!

Weight loss is most definitely a journey. It would be naïve to think that throughout this journey, there will not be days that challenge you. The daily stresses of life and work can often mean that we lose focus and fall into old habits or patterns of behaviour – the same ones that lead us […]

What are BCAAS and should I be taking them too?

Supplements. Often a taboo subject. Mostly misunderstood! At The Training Room Geelong this week we have had a few conversations with members about the best ways to incorporate supplements into nutrition plans to boost results and recovery. That being said, it is worth noting that before we have these conversations we first ask members to consider […]

Bride to Be? Two Quick Tips for feeling and looking your best!

You just got engaged? Congratulations! A wedding is a special day that you should happily anticipate, enjoy and then reflect upon forever more. It is understandable that you want to look and feel your best on your big day! There is no reason to feel overwhelmed or stressed about weight loss when planning your wedding! […]

Member of the Month JANUARY

This month at The Training Room Geelong we have seen energy and motivation at an all time high – its been an awesome start to 2018 ! It makes us so happy to give a nod to one member in particular who has blown us away with her consistency and dedication – Monique Medved! Mon […]

Rowing – A GREAT low impact, cardio workout!

At The Training Room Geelong one of the first pieces of equipment you will see when you walk through our doors is the rower. If you have been to a gym before, there is a high chance that you have seen rowers…and avoided them! In our experience many people have spent a lot more time […]

Great Balls of Fire !

At The Training Room Geelong we are passionate about designing sessions that deliver results and are equally as committed to designing sessions that continue to be motivating because they are always different! You just never know what we might include in one of our Strength and Conditioning sessions to challenge you! One of our most […]

Member of the Month DECEMBER

It is with so much excitement that we give a huge shout out to our awesome member of the month – the ever energetic Asha Hoggins! Asha has been training with us for quite some time and we have seen a lot of progress in her overall strength and fitness! Asha is a stand out […]

Are GROUP SESSIONS your key to results ?

At The Training Room Geelong we offer group sessions each and every day. Our group sessions are designed to cater to all levels of fitness and experience. They will challenge a seasoned athlete and be the burst of energy someone just beginning their health and fitness journey needs! Group Sessions Include: STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING BOXING […]

Dont run away from Running!

I never became a great runner. I dont set the quickest pace, and my form is far from perfect. But running allowed me to practice the art of finishing what I start – and for that, I will also love running passionately. InitiallyI started running because it was something I could do every morning no matter […]