Results – Focus on your clothing size, not the scales !

At The Training Room Geelong we are passionate about supporting our members in achieving their goals. Our group classes programmed in house by our world class coaches, combined with our Nutrition seminars make The Training Room Geelong the perfect place to work towards weight loss goals. We are proud of the astounding results our members […]

Travel Hacks to Stay on Track

Is travel in your plans ? Travelling broadens the mind and fills the spirit – but it can also present legitimate challenges to your health and fitness goals!  Winter has set in – and those who can are jetting off to be somewhere warmer!  Maybe you are someone who travels for work.  Does travelling HAVE to have a […]

Take That Selfie! #noshame

Here at the Training Room Geelong we love using our social media platforms to stay in touch with our members. Our social media accounts allow members to keep up to date with all the happenings of the gym, and also gives the wider public an insight into how we make training hard so much fun! […]

The 4 People You Need to SUCCEED!

At the Training Room Geelong we pride ourselves on being a safe, supportive place. Our gym is welcoming, friendly and built on good vibes.  We develop strong, personal relationships with members. In talking to members about their motivations, goals, successes and challenges – I have noticed that people are often able to identify the people […]

Why we LOVE boxing!

Read on for our top 3 reasons you should definitely come into The Training Room Geelong to try one of our boxing or kickboxing sessions (we could actually list 100 reasons!!)

Eating Out In Geelong – Coaches Top Picks

Its no secret around here – we love to eat! Fuelling our bodies with food that is not only good for you, but tastes good is a priority for us! We believe preparing your own food at home is truly the best way to guarantee that you know exactly what is going into your body. […]

Assault Bike – Why we LOVE to hate it!

Assault bike. Aire bike. Airdyne. Known by a few different names – synonymous with being all sorts of awful! Here at The Training Room Geelong..we love to hate it! This seemingly innocent piece of equipment combines the intense power of cycling against resistance while working your upper body, similar to a cross trainer. The assault […]

Legend of the Month – May 2017

At The Training Room Geelong, we encourage and support our members to achieve their own personal health and fitness goals each and every day. For some, simply showing up is an achievement in itself! However, often our members blow us away with their commitment, enthusiasm and persistence. This month, our legend of the month highlights […]

Better Together – The Strength of Team Moxon

Its dark. Its cold. The sun hasn’t even suggested that it might rise soon. As we pull up to the Front Gates of the Federal Mills Precinct, there are cars lining the street, drivers sitting, waiting. As we unlock the heavy front gate, the cars restart their engines and we all drive in to park […]

Legend of the Month – April 2017

At The Training Room Geelong we pride ourselves on having created a space which members consider to be their ‘happy place’. Our Legend on the month Mandy is an amazing woman who constantly inspires our team and all of our members with her dedication to her health and fitness and desire to learn and grow. […]