Member Spotlight: Yasmin Verbunt

Our community is AMAZING. The level of support, encouragement and positivity is something we are so proud of. Yasmin has been training at The Training Room Geelong alongside her partner Ben and shares how finding a place they both felt comfortable to train in has made a world of difference! We joined TTRG because one […]

Clarity Drives Progress : A look inside our TTRG Run Crew Forum

*PROGRAM BEGINS JULY 7th* If you are a member and haven’t yet joined our FREE running program – take a little look inside the level of support that goes on within our online forum 🔥🔥🔥 When things are free often we take them for granted. A free running program suggests that you have nothing to […]

Best believe you will find the energy you need

Energy. It’s the currency we deal in over here in our corner. Your value is determined by the energy you bring to every session. We aren’t interested in what you are lacking outside these four walls. Once you put your gloves on and step up to the bag – you get to decide what version […]


MAKE THEM MISS MAKE THEM PAY 🔥👊🏼   If I had to name one common trait between all great fighters – it is their underrated defense and evasion skills. If you can make your opponent miss and then make them pay for it – you will have a long and successful career. Hit and don’t […]

NEWSFLASH: Confidence isn’t a goal

NEWSFLASH ✨Confidence isn’t a goal. ✨✨✨ Self confidence is not something that I can measure for you. No coach can deliver self confidence. That is a game you have to play by yourself. Confidence has nothing to do with measurements, progress made or pictures taken. You manifest confidence by rebuilding respect for yourself. Each time […]

Meet Ego’s Sidekick – Fear.

Fear. It’s egos sidekick and the nemesis of growth. Fear cements it’s place in our minds by promising to keep us ‘safe’. It sabotages our efforts to move forward and forces our loyalty to the very things that are holding us back. Sit with your fear. Get to know it. Don’t bury it. Articulate it. […]

I don’t respect you either

I don’t respect you. I didn’t make that decision alone. In fact – it was you that made that decision for me. You forced my hand. You gave me no choice. You see – I am so in tune with my own values that the way in which I experience the world has become crystal […]

TTRG RUN CREW: Taking on the Melbourne Half Marathon together

If you are looking to cultivate a stronger sense of self, a deeper appreciation for your body or to master your mindset – WE HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY YOU CANNOT LET PASS YOU BY! The Training Room Geelong Running Crew is my genuine offering to our community – I know the experience is transformational. I am […]

Healthy Hearty RECIPES

    During Steve’s last weight cut for his third title fight – members were blown away as they witnessed his slowly but surely dropping an incredible 19kg over 10 weeks. What was most impressive was that Steve’s energy levels and performance sky rocketed at the same time! We dont keep secrets – we shared […]


WE HAVE $50 VOUCHERS TO GIVE AWAY IN JUNE!   We know that training at The Training Room Geelong is so much more than just exercise. Its our place of motivation, inspiration and a way to reenergise every day.   Having a strong circle of influence is the key to long term results and so […]