Pimp My Warm Up

You know that warming up is important (and you can probably admit you have avoided it!) In our corner we keep warm ups interesting and motivating by ensuring that there is a clear purpose to them!   Here is one way that you can pimp out your warm up if you have been lacking in […]


NUMBER ONE REASON TO TRAIN WITH OUR TWO TIME WORLD CHAMP Stone Cold Steve Moxon It is a completely humbling experience to humanise a champion. To watch his fights on YouTube or see his highlight reel you might believe that he is made of something different. His accolades and career have been built on some sort […]

Our Super Power : Making you fall in love with the process

Our Superpower at The Training Room Geelong stems from the fact that we are very serious about one thing: You are not to take this whole ‘gym thing’ too seriously!! When you train with our community we will push you to step into your own greatness, honour your intentions and strengthen your self awareness. But let […]

Member Spotlight: Nick Lovadina

We are so happy to give a HUGE shout out to Nick. Nick is a shining example of the way in which consistency and commitment pretty much paves the path for progress! Nick’s strength, skill level and overall fitness has continued to rise since joining. Nick’s entire family trains with us and it is a […]

Member Spotlight: Adam Israel

We are so proud to be located in the thriving Federal Mills Park in North Geelong. This hub of Geelong business is booming – and we are happy to be servicing the many businesses and employees that are all within a stones throw of our front door. We are passionate about injecting energy into your […]

Drop it Like Its Hot – THE LOW DOWN ON DROP SETS

  It is our mission here at The Training Room Geelong to ensure that our sessions are engaging, motivating and get you RESULTS! Our bodies are fantastic at adapting to training (that is why when you do the same thing for awhile you feel like you start to plateau!) In our Strength and Conditioning sessions […]

Member Spotlight: Jacinta Condro

We have been known to say – we are the gym for people that hate gyms! We pride ourselves on presenting a unique experience in a supportive, uplifting environment that will motivate even the most hesitant gym go-er!  Jacinta’s experience is living proof of that – and we are so proud of the way she has […]

Member Spotlight: Bruce Cohen

Our members are humble and hard working and so we LOVE to take a moment to give them a huge pat of the back and make a fuss over how incredible they truly are. Bruce ‘Bear’ Cohen is a stellar example of the way in which health and fitness can have a positive impact on […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our TOP 4 MOST ASKED QUESTIONS to make you feel more at ease! I haven’t been to the gym in years. What session should I do? All of our group sessions are designed to be suitable for all levels of fitness and experience. We work together as a group to generate energy and encouragement, but the workouts are largely completed individually. Everyone will be given the opportunity to work at their own pace and our coaches modify movements to […]

Member Spotlight: Yasmin Verbunt

Our community is AMAZING. The level of support, encouragement and positivity is something we are so proud of. Yasmin has been training at The Training Room Geelong alongside her partner Ben and shares how finding a place they both felt comfortable to train in has made a world of difference! We joined TTRG because one […]