What is Strength & Conditioning ?

What is Strength & Conditioning ?

Wouldn’t it be great to never have to do endless, boring sessions on cardio equipment ? Wouldn’t you love to know that your time spent in the gym is time well spent ? Are you familiar with ‘Strength and Conditioning’ sessions ? Let us introduce you!

In 2017, with the overload of information flying around on tv, in magazines and online – you know that weight training is no longer something best left to muscle monkeys ! Consistent weight training is the most efficient and effective path to weight loss and with the right support and guidance, something EVERYONE should be incorporating into their weekly exercise plan.

At The Training Room Geelong our Strength and Conditioning sessions are designed to deliver a quality workout in just 60 minutes! There is no need to spend hours at the gym, if you are following quality programming. The beauty of jumping in on a group training session is that you don’t need to spend any time thinking about what you should do at the gym – you just need to show up and our coaches take care of it for you!

Trying something new can be daunting – here is what you can expect when you attend a Strength and Conditioning session at The Training Room Geelong.

Warm Up

Our coaches will guide you through a warm up to ensure your body is warm and ready for a workout. This time will also be used for our coaches to talk to each member about how they are feeling or any pains or aches they have so that we can ensure we adjust the workout accordingly.

Sessions may consist of a variety of the following movements:

Bodyweight Movements

Bodyweight movements are safe and suitable for anyone and everyone! However – this doesn’t mean they are easy! Body weight movements can include movements using gymnastic rings, exercise bands and bars to assist you in moving safely and securely through movements such as pull ups or dips. Your coach will ensure they are consistently modifying the movements for you each session to make sure you are levelling up and making progress!



Dumbbells are a great introduction to weighted strength training. Dumbbells allow you to add weight to movements in small, monitored increments. Working with a dumbbell will highlight any muscles imbalances you have (that you can work on strengthening!) and will also engage your core as you work hard to stabilise your body through movements. Dumbbells are not very intimidating – they can easily just be dropped to your sides if you struggle to finish a repetition. As you make progress, you can simply increase the weight of your dumbbells to ensure you are continuing to challenge your body. At The Training Room Geelong we have a wide range of dumbbells of different weights suitable for beginners right through to advanced weight lifters.


With the support of a coach, barbell workouts will challenge you and change your body! With the right coaching, you will make quick progress as you build to adding small increments of weight to your movements each session. Using a barbell makes movements more stable than dumbbells, so you will be able to do heavier deadlifts, squats, presses etc The Training Room Geelong has adjustable racks and many different sized weight plates and bars – making barbell training suitable for everyone!

Conditioning Circuits

Within the conditioning circuits in our sessions – you can expect anything and everything to be thrown your way! The variety presented in each and every session is what makes these workouts so effective. Not only will you never be bored because the sessions are not predictable, your body will be constantly challenged ! Circuits can and will include body weight movements such as push ups and walking lunges, using of cardio equipment such as the rower, running outside, wall balls, kettle bell swings, pushing a heavy sled on our sled track, box jumps, burpees… the list is endless and always evolving !

As with our strength training, coaches can offer modifications to make these circuits easier or more challenging for each member depending on their level of experience and training goals.

The best part of these group sessions is that it is likely that EVERYONE will be completing the movements DIFFERENTLY! Modifications are expected and completely accepted by coaches and members. It is completely ok to feel completely out of your comfort zone when you begin these sessions. The strength of The Training Room Geelong is found in its coaches commitment to making sure every member feels well supported throughout the entire session. Our members pride themselves on being friendly, supportive and focusing on the FUN that can be found within a session! We take our training seriously – but we never take ourselves too seriously!

To try a Strength and Conditioning session at The Training Room Geelong simply jump over to our timetable, select a suitable time and come on in ! There is no need to book ahead of time – however, we recommend that you arrive ten minutes early so that we can introduce you to our coaches and ensure you are settled before the session starts!

We look forward to training with you and teaching you our passion!