Strength & Conditioning

Resistance training and cardio conditioning. Suitable for all levels of fitness & experience. Train with the support of passionate coaches and a welcoming community! Each session will offer a variety of functional, effective movements – with no two sessions ever the same!


Learn and use correct techniques and skills, whilst getting a great workout. Suitable for all fitness levels. Train with Two Time World Champion Stone Cold Steve Moxon & find the fighting spirit within you. These sessions are fast paced, dynamic and the ultimate HIIT style workout.

Personal Training

Work one on one with our coaches. Quality programming and genuine support to reach your goals and boost your energy, vitality and well being. Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Weight Training & Cardio.

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Reality Tv & The Importance of Influence

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Quick decisions in the heat of the moment are great when you are in the ring – not so great when it leads you to deciding to put your head between the open mouth of an alligator. Confused? Here’s some background info on how I learned that having people around you that can see beyond […]

Aerobic Vs Anaerobic Exercise Explained

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What type of exercise is right for you? That’s a loaded question & quite frankly, it’s a question that leads to a long conversation (because we love getting to know you!) but the organising principles are pretty simple. It seems that somewhere along the way the messaging has been complicated and confusing & that’s why […]

How to Feel Your Best : Energy Hacks

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  Here’s the truth. We arent usually a fan of ‘hacks’. But when the sleep doctor  Dr Michael Breus was teaching about strategic napping and his caffeine hacks, we were sitting up and paying attention. BRING ON THE ENERGY HACKS! In this episode we summarise the teachings of Dr Michael Breus as he shared ways […]


THIS IS NOT FOR FIGHTERS.    I have created this Virtual Fight Camp for anyone, anywhere that feels like 2020 has knocked them down.   No fighting experience needed  No boxing experience needed 2020 has fired up the fighter in me.   When your back is up against the ropes in the ring, or in […]

The Training Room Geelong

The Training Room Geelong is a gym located in North Geelong specialising in Strength & Conditioning, Functional Fitness, Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing and Personal Training.

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