Strength & Conditioning

Resistance training and cardio conditioning. Suitable for all levels of fitness & experience. Train with the support of passionate coaches and a welcoming community! Each session will offer a variety of functional, effective movements – with no two sessions ever the same!


Learn and use correct techniques and skills, whilst getting a great workout. Suitable for all fitness levels. Train with Two Time World Champion Stone Cold Steve Moxon & find the fighting spirit within you. These sessions are fast paced, dynamic and the ultimate HIIT style workout.

Personal Training

Work one on one with our coaches. Quality programming and genuine support to reach your goals and boost your energy, vitality and well being. Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Weight Training & Cardio.

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Are your challenges roadblocks or stepping stones?

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Ready, Set.. SLOW THE HELL DOWN. Too often we think all we need to achieve a goal is motivation. So when we feel that magic motivation hit bubble up within us – we make the most of it and we get going! Can we all agree on one thing? Motivation is not guaranteed to last. […]

Real Talk: Rock Bottom wasnt the hardest part

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Rock bottom isn’t the worst of it. I think If Im really honest I actually liked it there for awhile. Remember Alice in Wonderland? She should never have looked down that damn rabbit hole. Had she just stayed put in the cozy comfort of the life she knew – she would never have had to […]

A Lifetime Of Proud Nakedness & other worthwhile goals for our clients: Lochi Horner

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  Experience. We crave it. We seek it. We demand it. So when we have the opportunity to sit opposite a legend of our industry willing to share his experience and perspective – YOU KNOW WE GRAB IT WITH BOTH HANDS! In this episode both Lena and Steve sit opposite Lochi Horner, body transformation specialist […]

The Lies You Tell Yourself & The Way To Uplevel Your Life Today

It turns out – you actually can teach an old dog new tricks. Believe it or not – our very own Stone Cold Steve Moxon stepped out of the ring and onto a start line at The Melbourne Half Marathon over the weekend. Listen in as he shares how he managed to run 21km without […]

The Training Room Geelong

The Training Room Geelong is a gym located in North Geelong specialising in Strength & Conditioning, Functional Fitness, Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing and Personal Training.

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