Team Moxon Count Down

Bear and his kids are #TEAMMOXON loud and proud! We appreciate the support so very much!

We know that what you do carries far less importance than who you are.

In today’s culture goal setting is widely broadcasted and documented by every joe blow going around. In your quest to fulfil your own desires are you proud of who you have to be to reach those goals? In setting goals, it is our belief that far too much emphasis is placed on the end result, with little to no consideration to what the journey will be like. Life is what happens along the way. In our corner, we don’t take a single day for granted.

Stone Cold Steve Moxon has been relentlessly working towards his upcoming world title fight for the last few months – but has not missed a beat in all that he does for us at The Training Room Geelong. Steve is a professional fighter and takes his career seriously.

The Training Room Geelong has been captivated watching him prepare meticulously and we have all been inspired by his obvious dedication and consistency.

Beyond that, we have learned that taking your goals seriously does not justify acting entitled, arrogant or self centred. It is entirely possible to work hard towards something you are trying to achieve – and still fulfil the commitments you have to those around you.

Steve is a family man and if you spend any time with him at all – you will know that the first thing he will talk about when he gets the chance are his kids and his partner. Steve coaches group sessions from the heart. He takes responsibility for the vibe in the gym and passionately works towards building a community that is focused on simply being the best versions of themselves, so that we can give the best of ourselves to those that matter to us.

Undoubtedly, when he steps into the ring on Saturday night – he will be the absolute beast that we know he can be. His style is exciting and explosive and his fearlessness is bold. He will have us on the edge of our seats because we know that he has undeniable power in both hands – and a knockout is always on the cards.

Mostly, we are all proud to stand behind him as Team Moxon because he is a great example of what being a well rounded, hard working, humble individual looks like. We hope to be influenced by his work ethic and have his self awareness and self confidence rub off on us.

The Training Room Geelong stands proudly behind our man as he prepares to weigh in tomorrow and fight on Saturday. To have so much respect and support from such a strong community already makes you a winner.


Lena Phillips