3 Things I learned from our first Podcast

Sometime after having our son & before the world went into lockdown, Steve and I started building our current podcast – MOXON WEIGHS IN (anyone else often ask themselves WHY they keep piling things on to their own proverbial plates?!?!?)

We were dipping our toes into the world of podcasting for the first time, and in true Moxon style we chose to dive right in.

We invested in state of the art equipment & more importantly we invested in cultivating the belief that we would see this project through and create something meaningful and valuable for our community at The Training Room Geelong.

I quickly found myself fitting, adjusting and balancing ALL SORTS OF HATS as we powered through our pre launch and saw our first episode hit the air. Showrunner, co-host, writer and lead researcher, editor, promoter – its been an EPIC learning curve and one im still navigating.

With my husband and business partner by my side, our humble podcasts takes listeners on a slightly-comical adventure through goal setting, overcoming adversity, training protocols and fight world truths, weight loss, fitness, mindset mastery and everything in between.

To date, we have featured guests from all walks of life, from all around the world. From clinical nutritionists and physiotherapists to working mums and young, amateur fighters.

We have just hit a milestone – 75 episodes released!

This project has quite literally been a passion project and potentially our most generous offering to our community.

We are self funded and have poured countless hours of our lives into creating and sharing this podcast.

We are still learning.

When we launched we agreed that we wouldn’t be too hard on ourselves until we had reached 100 episodes (so best believe the pressure is on now to up our game as we creep closer to that 100th episode!)

We are pretty proud of having brought this project to life, and after 75 episodes there are a few valuable lessons Id like to share with anyone who is sitting on a creative idea they are yet to launch!


Lets be real – there are a lot of podcasts that will also be addressing the same topics as you. But no one is going to be able to bring your personal experience, insights and opinions. Noone knows your community better than you do. You matter, you are needed and no one gets to skip day one. Not starting because there is already someone else ahead of you, intimidating you and making you feel like you should stay small instead of expanding and claiming your space too – well that’s just silly.

So with that in mind, we launched with the intention of reaching our members at The Training Room Geelong. We gave ourselves full permission to feel the nerves associated with starting ANYTHING and just acknowledged that if we wanted to build this podcast – we would have to endure day one.. just like everyone else that has gone before us.


Some of our podcasts have required A LOT of research and writing. When you invite an expert guest on to a podcast to elevate your offering to your community – you have to best prepare to ask the right questions. Not all podcasts require the same amount of preparation but ALL episodes require the same amount of passion. That in itself is quite honestly, exhausting. A 20 minute podcast episode takes far longer than 20 minutes to plan, record, edit, upload and share.


This might seem obvious – but podcasting has made this clear as day for me. Often, I sat opposite members of the gym, or business owners from our community and was floored by what I uncovered in asking them questions and then keeping my mouth shut. Podcasting slows the flow of conversation down, and made me realise that our in the world I am always distracted, always talking about 4 things at once and always missing the opportunity to learn from what the people around me have to say – when given the chance to finish a sentence uninterrupted.

As we charge towards recording 100 episodes we humbly acknowledge that we have done what we set out to do – push ourselves out of our comfort zones to deepen our connection with our community.

The episodes we have released have been the catalyst for some pretty amazing conversations online and face to face in the gym.

Everyone has a story worth telling, an experience worth sharing, a lesson learned that should be passed on.

We look forward to releasing weekly episodes until we have run out of things to say…or questions to ask guests… and if you know us at all, youll know it might be likely we will keep on keeping on with this passion project of ours forever.