5 Free MUST HAVE Apps for Better Workouts

Ok – plug your phone in to charge because we have finally sat down and put down on paper the 5 apps we swear by! We use them daily to support our health and fitness goals and we are sharing them with you because we want you to have your hot little hands on these handy free apps too! 

Trust us, out of curiosity and a down right desire to have the best tools and resources at our disposal, we have tried pretty much EVERY app created for the health and fitness junkie.  Some have been a waste of space, some have had so many glitches we could have thrown our phones at the wall – but some have been super helpful and we are excited to share them with you! 

Best of all – there are free versions of each of them. 

Drum Roll Please. 

May we present the apps that actually deserve the space they take up on our phones!


NUMBER ONE: Boxing Timer App 

This is without a doubt our favourite and we recommend it to EVERYONE.

There are many versions of this, that all do the same thing. The Boxing Timer App is designed to control time during interval training. You can use it to time intervals in any way. When doing pad rounds, hitting the bag by yourself, any movement you are doing repetitively will benefit from you using the timer app to keep you accountable. It times your work time, makes a sound to let you know you have 10 seconds to go in the round and then times your rest time. You decide how long the work/rest times are and it keeps track of how many rounds you want to do too! This lets you just throw yourself into the workout without having to watch the time, or count your rounds (we have all been out of breath wondering ‘Do I have 2 or 3 sets left?!’) Its particularly useful when boxing because once you have set it up – you dont have to touch it again, which can be problematic when you have boxing gloves on!


NUMBER TWO: Spotify Running

We love Spotify, its easy to use, frequently updated and you can get a free version if you are happy to listen to advertising. What many people don’t realise is that Spotofy offers up a Running Setting. Spotify is able to sense the speed at which you’re running, and put together a playlist based on how fast you’re going. It will literally feel your vibe and you will feel the music! You wont be hit with an acoustic ballad mid sprint! Good music makes for a good workout – this is well worth trying out!


NUMBER THREE: Strava Running & Cycling

If you don’t record your workout it doesn’t count, right?! We are just joking – but tracking your progress can be really motivating. Strava is a free app that you lets you keep track of your most recent runs and rides.

The app can track distance, speed, elevation, calories burned, heart rate, power, and cadence. You can share your progress with friends or an online community for extra accountability. If you are running here in Geelong or on the other side of the world – you can use this app!


NUMBER FOUR: My Fitness Pal

The OG  health and fitness app that has been around for 13 years. Its hard to beat this app for nutrition tracking. Its database has over six millions foods. You will find anything you can buy in a store and its recipe calculator helps you track home cooked meals too. You can set, track and monitor your own goals and connect with an online community.


NUMBER FIVE: Insight Timer

Get on board and join millions of other people who have felt the benefits of downloading #1 free meditation app

There are quite literally thousands of guided meditations and talks led by the world’s top meditation and mindfulness experts, neuroscientists, psychologists, and teachers. You are bound to find someone that floats your boat.

It consistently offers up something new for you to absorb – ten new free guided meditations are added each day!  If you aren’t keen to listen to a guided meditation, you can also use the app as a meditation timer, with or without music tracks or ambient sounds.