Why we LOVE boxing!

Here at the Training Room Geelong, you certainly don’t have to have ambitions to be a fighter to join in on one of our kick boxing or boxing sessions! Whilst having a two time world champ as our head coach does make it an exceptional environment for fighters – our coaches are just as committed to delivering workouts to the majority of people who want to box simply because – it feels so damn good!

Taking up boxing or kickboxing is suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness. Whether you are looking to unload the stress of exams, keep your body moving, drop weight or radically improve your fitness – boxing is the key to unlocking these results.

Our sessions focus on:

  • Stance and balance
  • Movement and footwork
  • Basic cominations, offence and how to hold pads for a partner

You will complete drills on the heavy boxing bag, and often with an appropriate partner. Members are matched based on their level of experience – and we pride ourselves on the friendly, supportive environment at The Training Room Geelong. There is NO full contact in our boxng and kickboxing sessions, so you are always safe. You will quickly make new friends to work alongside!

Read on for our top 3 reasons you should definitely come into The Training Room Geelong to try one of our boxing or kickboxing sessions (we could actually list 100 reasons!!)

Good Vibes Only!

Exercise releases endorphins into your body – those feel good vibes that you are rewarded with by the end of each session. Hitting a boxing bag will make you hot and sweaty and often out of breath…and it will ALWAYS make you feel recharged and energised.

Boxing remains one of the best ways to combat stress. It is a safe way to unload energy and our members all say that there is nothing better than coming to a session at the end of the day and feeing their worries roll off their shoulders for that hour.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

All boxing and kickboxing sessions at The Training Room Geelong also include a varety of conditioning exercises to ensure you are having a well rounded workout each time. This can include core work, push ups, wall balls, pushing a sled…the whole gym is at our disposal to incorporate into the session! No two sessions are ever the same, and will keep your body guessing and your mind engaged!

Killer Cardio + Boosted Weightloss Results

Boxing is the BEST cardio workout. It is the original HIIT workout – short sharp bursts of intense activity (hitting the bag, kicking the pads) followed by a short break – and then going for it again!

In a one hour session you will burn A LOT of energy – members who are working to achieve weight loss goals find that boxing boosts their results! The best part about these sessions is that they are anything but boring! Forget mindless cardio that seems to drag on – these sessions are dynamic and fun from the get go!

Combined with structured weight training and the right nutrition plan – boxing and kickboxing is the key to a healthy, strong, fit body! For an even more intense workout, booking a personal training session with a coach will improve your technique and really boost your fitness in no time at all!

At the Training Room Geelong we pride ourselves on teaching our passion – and we truly are passionate about sharing our love of boxing and kickboxing! All sessions are safe, fun and focus on having a great workout and improving your skills. We provide all equipment including boxing gloves – simply show up and be ready to sweat!

To find out more view our full timetable online or send us an enquiry and we will contact you to offer you a complimentary session!