Member Spotlight : Chace

Work/Life balance can often seem like a pipe dream for most of us! Throw a baby into the mix and its a juggling act that we are all still trying to master! We know its important for your time in the gym to be WORTH the EFFORT it can take just to get there!

We are giving a HUGE shout out to our legend of a member Chace. Chace’s baby girl Cora was born at the same time as our son – and so we can relate FULLY to the current challenges he and his beautiful wife Helen face as they try and carve out time in the day to get to the gym.

Despite sleep deprivation, Chace gets in and gives it his all – and does it with a smile. We commend your attitude and commitment to your health and fitness. We also commend your flexibility in knowing that your baby girl comes first at this point in time.

Chace has some big goals for this year that we DEFINITELY know he will knock over!

Read on as Chace shares his experience as a new dad putting in time at the gym. 

Our baby girl Cora (11 months) has definitely been a game changer in the best and most challenging way. I don’t have much flexibility between work and home life. However the time I do get to spend at The Training Room Geelong I know I’m getting maximum return – as it’s 100% effort for the whole 60 minutes every session! The workout programming is unreal!

Each session at The Training Room has its fun parts and not so fun parts (ie. any session with wall balls or box jumps). If I had to pick a fav it would be Mondays powerhouse – its definitely the hardest session of the week but that means that its always a great feeling getting it done and getting because its a Monday, it is a really good start to the week.

At this point, my biggest goal is to just remain consistent. Consistency for me is key. My goal over the next 6 months is to get minimum 3 sessions at TTR per week – and tightening up my nutrition. I might also have a go at the Great Ocean Road half in May.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about coming in for a session? 

Do it! No one ever regrets an exercise session at The Training Room Geelong. I love sharing the look of relief with other members when a session is done, a high 5 and the ‘thank f@#k that’s over’. Steve’s bad jokes are a close second😄