A Lifetime Of Proud Nakedness & other worthwhile goals for our clients: Lochi Horner


Experience. We crave it. We seek it. We demand it. So when we have the opportunity to sit opposite a legend of our industry willing to share his experience and perspective – YOU KNOW WE GRAB IT WITH BOTH HANDS!
In this episode both Lena and Steve sit opposite Lochi Horner, body transformation specialist and all round stellar human being.

Lochi is renown for his results driven, fun & playful coaching style, his ability to simplify the tough stuff & creating a safe engaging space for his tribe.

Listen in as they each discuss their individual perspectives about the fitness industry, the best way to engage with clients, motivation for training and unique approaches to nutrition. Lochi opens up about his thoughts on nutrition and moving towards a plant based diet.

An absolute MUST for anyone in the fitness industry whether you are a coach, an aspiring trainer or just a gym goer that would love to know what goes on in the minds of these leaders.


Connect with Lochi on Instagram @lochihorner_lho
and on his website https://lochihorner.com/home