An Open Letter to our Members in 2021

As you set your sights on 2021 –  you have an opportunity to check in with yourself and ask yourself if you are REALLY expressing your deep, driving desires.


In Australia, we sure as hell are a lucky country in many ways – but woven into the fabric of our communities tends to be this unconscious belief that we have to limit our own expression of greatness so that we don’t offend, upset or trigger others.


If you have ever held back on taking action in some area of your life because you worried about whether people would stop you in your tracks and ask “who do you think you are?” or worse, they would make fun of you for taking a step towards the greatness you are being called to – you are not alone.


We have all felt this at times. You always have a choice – do you let yourself be capped by tall poppy syndrome and shrink to fit the mould of the masses, or do you step FULLY into your personal power and live this one beautiful life you have at FULL SPEED and in FULL COLOUR as the greatest expression of who you are, discovering all that you could be?

What are you choosing for yourself?


What could you experience in the next 12 months if you decided that you were unstoppable?


No one gives you permission to start living life on your terms – you step forward as the leader of your own life and claim greatness for yourself.

Greatness is not about being better than anyone else – it is simply about living as the fullest expression of who you are. Not holding back. No longer waiting for the right time to take action. Paying no attention to the naysayers & breaking through the limits that have been placed on you that have held you down and held you back.


How would it feel to know you are living life as the greatest expression of who you are?

What would change for you if you stepped into your own greatness?

At The Training Room Geelong, we invite you to find out.

A workout is a perfect experience to begin to meet yourself in a new way. A workout gives you the opportunity to work on yourself from the inside out. To show up for yourself, in support of yourself and to trust that you are more than enough in the moment you are in. When you can teach yourself to give 100% in the moments that matter – it will transfer to the moments of your life that really matter.


You will get to know yourself as someone that is unstoppable. Someone that can be their own motivation and their biggest advocate. You will realise that no matter what is going on around you, you are in control of the dialogue within you. When you begin to believe that you really are the greatest – you make peace with yourself. When you are living as the greatest expression of yourself, you drop the doubt, you detach from the inner critic and you embrace the opportunities that YOU CREATE in your own life.


We cannot wait to open the doors to our new premises in 2021 and we cannot wait to hold space for you and create experiences that allow you to explore the greatness within you.


In our presence, you will always be encouraged to expand, evolve and celebrate every success you experience in and out of the gym. You are celebrated for the uniquely, wonderful and truly special human being you are – self love is badass my friend, its time to step into your greatness unapologetically.


Step forward. Step up for yourself.