Alright, let’s be real. If you haven’t been into a gym in awhile – we know why.

You remember it being full of egotistical, arrogant, self serving, self promoting bicep curling robots, right?

Well imagine that preconception is a Pinata – we are like a 6 year old with a stick. Determined to bash the crap out of the stigma and stereotype that cuts us off from you!

Our prize? The opportunity to build a community of people that are fit, strong and healthy from the inside out.

A community that best supports each other so that we might up level ourselves in every area of our life.

We cant do that alone – we need a community to build upon.

We need you.

The Training Room Geelong is for you if >>>>>

-You see exercise as a necessary investment to ensure a strong, healthy future for you and your family.

-You appreciate support, encouragement and accountability from a friendly, motivated team – including Two Time World Champion Kickboxer Steve Moxon.

-You take yourself seriously and want to ensure time spent in the gym is effective and efficient.

-You need easy access to parking, a premium facility and the flexibility of unlimited group sessions with no tedious booking system.

We know the juggling act of work, family, self care, netflix marathons – and so our timetable offers group sessions from early morning to late evening, including express midday sessions!

YOU DON’T HAVE TO BOOK INTO SESSIONS – simply turn up when you find the time and we welcomed in!

Here is what you can expect the first time you walk through our doors.

1. You will take a moment to be wowed by how beautiful our space is! We are located in the heritage listed Federal Mills Park. We put our heart and soul into the custom design of our gym – the function and form of every detail will blow you away. We struggle to be humble about that – ITS AMAZING!

2. You will be greeted my Steve, our director and head coach at the front desk and he will assist you in filling out a guest form and will then walk you around the gym – introducing you to members and ensuring you feel comfortable in the space.

3. Our members will gravitate to you. They will know you are a new face. They will probably ask you some questions about yourself and reassure you that you are about to have a good time (even though its likely to be strenuous!)

4. The class will start and you will be supported and assisted by the coach. Movements will be modified if necessary. NOONE will be looking at you because they are too busy taking enjoying the investment in time they are making for themselves. Before you know it people will be patting you on the back, giving you a high 5 and congratulating you for surviving your first session.

5. You will be sweaty and smiling.

That doesn’t sound so terrible, does it? We promise you that the story you are telling yourself about how uncomfortable you will feel and how silly you will look is a dramatic over exaggeration. EVERYONE starts from the beginning of their own journey.

We invite you to be best supported by us in taking that first step.

A casual session is just $18.

Jump onto our website. Find a time and session that is right for you – and come on in.


If you have any questions, hesitations or concerns (we know you do) get in touch and let’s chat about it.

All of my energy,