Being Your Own Inspiration

Inspiration and motivation. These buzz words are thrown at us every day. Look for it, source it, hunt it down, find it, hold onto it …it all gets a little exhausting.
The biggest problem with it? People look to others to motivate them. It doesnt work – not for long anyway. In order to light a fire within you, you first need to understand what it is that will light a spark within you. Find that – and you wont need motivation. You will have purpose.

Meet Emily

This gorgeous 20 something year old has figured this out for herself already. Pretty impressive right? Beyond that she has unlocked a new level of confidence within herself and is currently training for the Melbourne Half Marathon. Thats 21km of HELL YEAH !

What we love most about her story is that only a few months ago she entered a 10km fun run..and was the very last to cross the finish line. Did that dampen her spirits? No. Find out how and why this gorgeous young woman has cultivated confidence in her life and is working to reap the rewards of a positive mindset and actioning her intentions.