Best Supporting Dads

“Its clear we need a different kind of man to what the 20th century often created. We want them to have open hearts, and to be able to step out of that old toxic masculinity that was shut down, harsh and cold. The frightening suicide and depression rates for men are just one reason for changing this” –Steve Biddulph, RAISING BOYS in the 21st Century
Looking at my baby boy often cracks my heart wide open. I watch his little body tense up with excitement when he hears the music to sesame street signal his best buddy Elmo is about to appear on tv, or how he can amuse himself endlessly with random household objects. The innocence and joy that just pours out of this little human is almost too much for me to comprehend. In my happiest moments with him, a part of me is somewhat sad that one day soon he will be big enough to be out facing the big wide world – and the obstacles (and assholes) that brings.
My son is so much like his dad. The same mannerisms, the same cheeky expressions, the same determination, gutsiness ..and flat feet. I hope that he develops the same inherent self worth, work ethic and sense of adventure.
I am grateful beyond words that my son has such a strong, worthy role model in his Dad as he grows up to face the world.
It is because of all of this and more, I am completely committed to best supporting my partner in being the highest version of himself. Our family looks to him to provide so much – his inner state dictates so much of the way in which we all experience the world.
A happy, fulfilled, content man comes home to us every day with open arms. I hope it stays that way.
My son and step daughter look to their dad for validation, affirmation and protection. His state will play a HUGE part in their own sense of self and the way in which they experience the world.
Dads matter.
The Training Room Geelong has created the DADS BOXING, BEERS AND BBQ event because we believe that our men deserve an opportunity to take time for themselves.
It is so easy to fall into the mundane routine of the working week and we know all too well the demands of a growing family!
As women, we have long acknowledge the NEED for us to take time to ourselves and connect with our friends.
We believe men need the same opportunity.
This special event will be a way for Dad’s to unwind, have a laugh & enjoy an evening of mateship.
This event is the evening before Father’s Day and we know our men will come home with their cups full – ready for a day with their family on Father’s Day the next day.
This two hour DADS ONLY special event includes:
Gift Bag on arrival Valued at $40 including T-Shirt, Boxing handwraps, Water Bottle + post workout protein shake
90 minute Boxing Workshop lead by Two Time World Champion Stone Cold Steve Moxon
Barbecue Hustler Food Truck Dinner. Choice of Brisket Slaw Burger of Pulled Pork Slaw Burger + Chips and a beer
Valued at $200
Special Price: JUST $60 !!
Tickets on sale NOW.