Boxing Workout : HIT LIKE A GIRL!

Not everyone that steps into the ring wants to be a fighter, but everyone will connect with their inner champion. Everyday champions are built in our ring. You connect with untapped strength, resilience, heart and hustle. It’s transformative and exciting.

We get so pumped just watching this training video of our girl Monique Medved absolutely slaying! This is what consistency and commitment to training looks like – freakin epic!
Those moves, that confidence ..we LOVE IT & we can tell by the look on her face that she does too.

No matter what goes on in your day – there is comfort in knowing who you get to be when you slip your gloves on and hear that bell ring for you.

Mon has been training with Steve Moxon for years and her progress is a credit to her commitment.

Training with a professional fighter and a coach completely dedicated to his craft makes a HUGE difference. In learning the correct technique you build longevity into your love of boxing. You learn how to move correctly and avoid injury. Sore wrists? Not in our corner. A pulled back? You probably should have been pivoting on your feet correctly. These are all things that a qualified, passionate coach will pick up on – its not just their job to hold pads for you…they should be able to give you the correct cues to make you look and feel like a pro!

Boxing is the perfect workout for anyone looking to increase their fitness, lose weight or just let loose and chase that endorphin high!