Boxing Workout : HIT LIKE A GIRL!

Not everyone that steps into the ring wants to be a fighter, but everyone will connect with their inner champion. Everyday champions are built in our ring. You connect with untapped strength, resilience, heart and hustle. It’s transformative and exciting. We get so pumped just watching this training video of our girl Monique Medved absolutely […]

Pimp My Warm Up

You know that warming up is important (and you can probably admit you have avoided it!) In our corner we keep warm ups interesting and motivating by ensuring that there is a clear purpose to them!   Here is one way that you can pimp out your warm up if you have been lacking in […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our TOP 4 MOST ASKED QUESTIONS to make you feel more at ease! I haven’t been to the gym in years. What session should I do? All of our group sessions are designed to be suitable for all levels of fitness and experience. We work together as a group to generate energy and encouragement, but the workouts are largely completed individually. Everyone will be given the opportunity to work at their own pace and our coaches modify movements to […]

Improving PADWORK

MOXON 101   PAD WORK   When learning any fight style, you should work on the fundamentals of correct stance, footwork, striking and defence, in that order!     There is no need to smash the pads and break your pad holders’ arms. Leave that for the heavy bag!     When hitting the pads […]

Why we LOVE boxing!

Read on for our top 3 reasons you should definitely come into The Training Room Geelong to try one of our boxing or kickboxing sessions (we could actually list 100 reasons!!)

Wrap Up and Box on!

Read on as WKF middle weight World Champ and TTR’s own- Stone Cold Steve Moxon explains why it is crucial that you take the time to wrap your hands before you step up to a bag, hit mitts or take on an opponent. First and foremost, the number one reason to correctly wrap your hands […]