An Open Letter to our Members in 2021

As you set your sights on 2021 –  you have an opportunity to check in with yourself and ask yourself if you are REALLY expressing your deep, driving desires.   In Australia, we sure as hell are a lucky country in many ways – but woven into the fabric of our communities tends to be […]


FROM JAN 1st – 9th we are supporting you in supporting your mates! HOW ?  You can bring one friend to each group session with you FOR FREE between 1-9th January.  Each mate is entitled to ONE FREE SESSION with us when they come in and train with you in any of our group sessions […]

Feel too unfit to go to the gym?

Feel too unfit to go to the gym? You aren’t alone! We hear it all the time. It can be really disheartening to be thinking everyone else is “up here” and I’m all the way “down here” when it comes to experience & fitness. Right? Here’s the thing : it’s not a competition. Logically, we […]

Easy like Sunday Morning 🔥✨ 

Pad session in the kitchen to kick off our day generating energy, a whole lot of movement & lots of laughs. It’s not so much working from home – it’s living from work, & while that might sound like a nightmare to some, we genuinely show up and teach our passion every single day. Lucky […]


  Throughout my career I have been known for my knockout power.   Undeniably, those same devastating punches will still be invaluable in the ring, but years on, I now understand that my greatest asset as a fighter and as a man is my capacity for self reflection.   I cannot wait to relaunch The […]


On Tuesday Fitness Australia will be sharing a comprehensive overview of all things COVID -related. We have been working closely with Fitness Australia to ensure our reopening strategies will see The Training Room thrive – we want to be able to open, and stay open! So, in wanting clarity from Fitness Australia – we believe […]


UPDATE MARCH 24: As we watch the breaking news presented by our Prime Minister tonight it becomes apparent that information and restrictions seem to reveal confusing loop holes and conflicting messages. Our position is – just because you can – doesn’t mean you should. Morally we maintain a strong position in regards to continuing our […]

Facing Your Fears : Monique Medved on Swimming With Sharks

  In this episode of The Moxon Weighs In Podcast 20 something year old Monique Medved’s zest for life and willingness to throw herself into unknown territory is contagious. Life can become monotonous, predictable and we can become stagnant in our quest for self discovery. Listen in and be reminded of how exciting it can […]

Moorpanyal 1000 Swim // SUPPORTING LOCAL

Its with pride we once again support the Moorpanyal 1000 Swim here in North Geelong. Our corner of the world is abundant in support from the community & its great to see everyone come together to get behind this FREE EVENT. If you are interested it is on TOMORROW MORNING : Free community swim from […]

VIP Event : Harvey Norman Corio

Our friends are your friends! We are excited to announce that we are able to extend this invitation to our members. With Christmas just around the corner this VIP Event at Harvey Norman Corio has come at just the right time! We recently purchased new air conditioning units from Harvey Norman Corio and could not […]