Alright, let’s be real. If you haven’t been into a gym in awhile – we know why. You remember it being full of egotistical, arrogant, self serving, self promoting bicep curling robots, right? Well imagine that preconception is a Pinata – we are like a 6 year old with a stick. Determined to bash […]

74 Years Old & Kicking Butt !

MONDAY MOTIVATION FOUND ! How many grandmothers do you know that would be up for the challenge of training with Stone Cold Steve Moxon ? Meet Miriam. With the approval of her doctor & the caring, qualified programming Steve creates for her each – Miriam is a beautiful reminder that the body certainly can achieve […]

Best Supporting Dads

“Its clear we need a different kind of man to what the 20th century often created. We want them to have open hearts, and to be able to step out of that old toxic masculinity that was shut down, harsh and cold. The frightening suicide and depression rates for men are just one reason for […]

If you really knew us

If you really knew us you would know that we dreamed up the life we are living today over a decade ago. The one question I would ask Steve again & again was ‘so when are you going to open your own gym?’ 🔥 The connection between us has always been cemented by the fact […]

Kids Area Guidelines for Kids & their Parents

The Training Room Geelong Kids Area Rules for Kids & Parents At The Training Room Geelong we pride ourselves on building a strong community with family values. We believe in the power of setting a strong example of what health and happiness looks like and welcome members to bring their children into the gym should […]

Best believe you will find the energy you need

Energy. It’s the currency we deal in over here in our corner. Your value is determined by the energy you bring to every session. We aren’t interested in what you are lacking outside these four walls. Once you put your gloves on and step up to the bag – you get to decide what version […]