Less is More

Less is more. So much more. I used to believe that in burning myself out I was demonstrating just how badass I was. Being overworked and overwhelmed was the price I had to pay for the success I was striving for, right? Isnt that what we are told? If you want success you have to […]

5 Free MUST HAVE Apps for Better Workouts

Ok – plug your phone in to charge because we have finally sat down and put down on paper the 5 apps we swear by! We use them daily to support our health and fitness goals and we are sharing them with you because we want you to have your hot little hands on these handy free apps too! 

3 Ways To Overindulge without the Guilt this Xmas

Its beginning to look a lot like ‘screw it, Ill start again next year’ season Are you about to snowball into a month long bender that begins with a few weeknight drinks and ends up with you bloated, gassy, uncomfortable and promising you’ll eat nothing but green vegetables as soon as the New Year hits? […]

Are you the problem in your relationship?

Triggered. Do you have a button that you simply cannot have pushed? Mine is very clear to me – whenever I feel like I am being treated unfairly or taken advantage off – BANG – I fly into a reactive state. It’s ugly. I get mad. The type of mad that makes me curse and […]

Magic Mantras For Running

A look into Week 5 of The Training Room Geelong RUN CREW Program Two weeks ago I suggested you pay attention and bring awareness to the stories you tell yourself as you are running. As we challenge ourselves to get fitter, run further, push harder – it innately within us to produce doubts, generate excuses […]