3 Ways to Boost Your Energy TODAY

  I honestly don’t know how I would face the day ahead of me without first sipping on my mandatory morning coffee (throwing it down my throat!!) The highs and lows of how ‘energised’ we feel on any given day are impacted by SO many different things – we could all write a laundry list […]

Overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

‘Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about’.  Inspiration comes in many forms. If you look around you and take the time to talk to those right by your side – you will most probably be fascinated by what you discover. We each have our own histories marked with highs and lows. […]

Not Another Bloody Challenge

I am a big believer in supporting the fitness industry. I am not interested in having a dig at what any other gym or coach is doing. For the most part, we are all just trying to motivate people to live healthier, happier lives – & each of us do it differently.   I will […]

Post Race Recovery – do donuts count!?

Over the weekend, along with over 35,000 other participants – we had legendary members take on events in the Melbourne Marathon Festival. Undoubtedly, a lot of thought, energy and effort goes into trying to best prepare for a running event. However, the same cannot always be said for race recovery. If probed to be very […]

Cancel Your Pity Party..& other tips to stay on track!

Being part of the Training Room Geelong family means I am completely committed to ensuring that The Training Room Geelong is a space that runs on the energy and enthusiasm of its coaches and members. Although we are dedicated to quality programming and fitting out our gym with world class equipment – I know that […]

What are BCAAS and should I be taking them too?

Supplements. Often a taboo subject. Mostly misunderstood! At The Training Room Geelong this week we have had a few conversations with members about the best ways to incorporate supplements into nutrition plans to boost results and recovery. That being said, it is worth noting that before we have these conversations we first ask members to consider […]