Building a Baseline & Making Decisions : James Shingles

  In this episode of the Moxon Weighs In Podcast Steve sits opposite James Shingles and they chat about whatever comes to mind. James is humble, hardworking and the kindest human you are ever likely to meet. This episode explores the way in which his past experiences have shaped his ambitions and training philosophies. You […]

The Power Of A Running Program : Abbey Patterson

    Running Programs are pretty standard. Let s be honest. There is nothing too exciting about looking at them. So WHY are we all going nuts over our running program at the moment?? It’s our community. The connections made and the energy we are generating together. It’s powerful and it’s a lot of fun […]

Member Spotlight: Jay Sikora

WOW. Just wow.  Some of us are moving simply to feel a little better or to fill time in the day – but then there are some people who are at a crossroads in their life. Their health and their future is on the line and they have NO CHOICE but to make changes. Jay […]

Member Spotlight: Ollie Pammer-Green

A huge shout out to to Ollie who has lost a significant amount of weight, boosted his level of fitness and is feeling and looking fitter and stronger than ever. His consistency and commitment has certainly paid dividends and we are stoked to know that he is proud of his progress too! Ollie shares his […]

Member Spotlight: Leon Blackley

Dedicated, hardworking father Leon has fast become a dedicated and hardworking boxer too! Leon’s skills and fitness have improved a lot over the last couple of years & we know he is proud of his efforts – and he should be! Boxing sessions are designed to improve fitness and deliver a great workout – but […]

Member Spotlight: Liam Banks

14kg lost in 3 months & energy, motivation and connections gained! We are proud to give this HUGE shout out to Liam who takes full advantage of our 30 minute express group each day. Balancing work commitments, family and your own health and fitness is always a juggling act – but when you find the […]

Member Spotlight: Neve Lovadina

We are smiling as we give this HUGE shout out to the lovely Neve who is warm, kind and caring – and also a machine in the gym!! This proud mama and wife has consistently given her best efforts in sessions and as a result has made HUGE progress physically and emotionally. Neve is a […]

Member Spotlight: Nick Lovadina

We are so happy to give a HUGE shout out to Nick. Nick is a shining example of the way in which consistency and commitment pretty much paves the path for progress! Nick’s strength, skill level and overall fitness has continued to rise since joining. Nick’s entire family trains with us and it is a […]

Member Spotlight: Adam Israel

We are so proud to be located in the thriving Federal Mills Park in North Geelong. This hub of Geelong business is booming – and we are happy to be servicing the many businesses and employees that are all within a stones throw of our front door. We are passionate about injecting energy into your […]