NOT THIS TIME – Don’t Give Up On Yourself

A little look in to our online running group: TTRG RUN CREW ROUND 4 Have you thrown in the towel? Missed too many runs? Feel like you have been left behind? DONT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF. Not this time. Rewrite the story. Pick yourself up and keep going. You can make progress from wherever you […]

3 Ways To Overindulge without the Guilt this Xmas

Its beginning to look a lot like ‘screw it, Ill start again next year’ season Are you about to snowball into a month long bender that begins with a few weeknight drinks and ends up with you bloated, gassy, uncomfortable and promising you’ll eat nothing but green vegetables as soon as the New Year hits? […]

Simple Hack to Reignite your Energy

  If you are like me you feel like you are pulled in a million different directions every day. My morning routine allows me to start my day feeling centred – but damn the world is a noisy, energy sucking machine isn’t it? Reflection at the end of the day lets me check in with […]

Managing Overwhelm & Earning the Results we think we Deserve

I am buzzing this morning because I managed a 5km run early in the day down and I just did some programming for next months workouts in the sun – movement + sunworship at one time is absolute bliss for me. I have certainly had challenging days throughout this month too. I am still battling […]

Real Talk: Rock Bottom wasnt the hardest part

Rock bottom isn’t the worst of it. I think If Im really honest I actually liked it there for awhile. Remember Alice in Wonderland? She should never have looked down that damn rabbit hole. Had she just stayed put in the cozy comfort of the life she knew – she would never have had to […]

Stop Excuses In Their Tracks

  Do you ever listen to the stories that you tell yourself? We go through our lives with so much noise around us that its almost impossible to isolate and really listen to the things that we tell ourselves.   But do you know what – when we do find a way to listen to […]