Dolly Parton lost a Dolly Parton look alike contest.

Dolly Parton lost a Dolly Parton look alike contest. I retell that story to myself every day lately. I am deep in the trenches of digging deep to find possibilities, repressed ideas & the unfulfilled dreams I squashed down into the deepest, darkest parts of myself. Every day I emerge with a new perspective. It’s […]

I find it really hard to connect with other mums

I’m just going to say it – since becoming a Mum I find it really hard to connect with other mums Playgroup sounded like hell on earth to me. A gaggle of women with top knots & stained sweat pants existing on coffee and half eaten pieces of toast chasing teething toddlers around a community […]

Goal Setting Sucks #realtalk

Here is what nobody wants to tell you – GOAL SETTING CAN SUCK. Let me explain why. No one lies awake in the middle of the night saying ‘I wish I was 7kg lighter’. Yet – this is what we hold up as our ‘goal’ & then wonder why we aren’t inspired, motivated and driven […]

Magic Mantras For Running

A look into Week 5 of The Training Room Geelong RUN CREW Program Two weeks ago I suggested you pay attention and bring awareness to the stories you tell yourself as you are running. As we challenge ourselves to get fitter, run further, push harder – it innately within us to produce doubts, generate excuses […]

3 Ways to Boost Your Energy TODAY

  I honestly don’t know how I would face the day ahead of me without first sipping on my mandatory morning coffee (throwing it down my throat!!) The highs and lows of how ‘energised’ we feel on any given day are impacted by SO many different things – we could all write a laundry list […]

NEWSFLASH: Confidence isn’t a goal

NEWSFLASH ✨Confidence isn’t a goal. ✨✨✨ Self confidence is not something that I can measure for you. No coach can deliver self confidence. That is a game you have to play by yourself. Confidence has nothing to do with measurements, progress made or pictures taken. You manifest confidence by rebuilding respect for yourself. Each time […]

Meet Ego’s Sidekick – Fear.

Fear. It’s egos sidekick and the nemesis of growth. Fear cements it’s place in our minds by promising to keep us ‘safe’. It sabotages our efforts to move forward and forces our loyalty to the very things that are holding us back. Sit with your fear. Get to know it. Don’t bury it. Articulate it. […]