An Open Letter to our Members in 2021

As you set your sights on 2021 –  you have an opportunity to check in with yourself and ask yourself if you are REALLY expressing your deep, driving desires.   In Australia, we sure as hell are a lucky country in many ways – but woven into the fabric of our communities tends to be […]

Less is More

Less is more. So much more. I used to believe that in burning myself out I was demonstrating just how badass I was. Being overworked and overwhelmed was the price I had to pay for the success I was striving for, right? Isnt that what we are told? If you want success you have to […]

Feel too unfit to go to the gym?

Feel too unfit to go to the gym? You aren’t alone! We hear it all the time. It can be really disheartening to be thinking everyone else is “up here” and I’m all the way “down here” when it comes to experience & fitness. Right? Here’s the thing : it’s not a competition. Logically, we […]

Gyms Are Open – DONT set a Goal Straight Away!

Before you rush back into the gym – let’s talk.   We have been gifted with a beautiful opportunity to begin again.   I know you are keen to get into the gym and set goals and generate change. I get the impression you are fired up and ready to go full steam ahead!   […]

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A ….

We truly don’t give a F$ck – but we still read Mark Manson’s book AND because we understand repetition is the key to mastery… we have read it a few times over.   Have you read it? We just LOVED how perfectly described the way he THOUGHT he had committed to becoming a Rockstar when […]

Choosing What Youve Chosen : The Key To Unlocking Results

Isnt it funny how the universe just sends you these little nudges and everything starts to make sense? NO? That’s not how it works for me either. I had a HUGE week this week and have experienced so many moments of clarity that I am just beyond excited about getting to share this energy and […]

Rest Days Are My Hardest Days : Here is Why

Rest is a dirty word for me. There I said it. I honestly struggle to take rest days. Before you roll your eyes and assume I’m just addicted to ‘gym life’, hear me out – because it runs a lot deeper than that. Movement is magic for me. It’s a way I generate energy, support […]

Eating Off Plan & Getting Back On Track

After 4 weeks and 10kg lost – Steve reflects on his first take away meal and how his body felt after indulging on his favourite fried foods. We take a deep dive into what it takes to get back on track and stay on track if you decide to eat off plan when you have […]

Self Sabotage

A love note written to the TTRG Run CREW as they work their way through the 3rd week of their program, from my treadmill this morning 🖤 *that should explain the countless typos bound to be peppered throughout. X Ok friends, let’s talk about the Self sabotage spiral. Most people think when they are coming […]

Body Positivity VS Body Neutrality

Today I am going to get very real, raw and honest with you. I have never been someone who found comfort in conformity. I struggle to ever fit in – anywhere. I reject labels of any kind to be honest, when I did cross fit, I never called myself a cross fitter. When I invested […]