3 Things I learned from our first Podcast

Sometime after having our son & before the world went into lockdown, Steve and I started building our current podcast – MOXON WEIGHS IN (anyone else often ask themselves WHY they keep piling things on to their own proverbial plates?!?!?) We were dipping our toes into the world of podcasting for the first time, and […]

Find Your Own Rhythm & the Power of Routines

    In this episode we chat with Amarra of The Well State about routines, the power of giving yourself permission to find your own rhythm and we find ourselves jamming on how important it is to turn inward with compassion too. It’s a powerful episode – enjoy! Amarra Bowkett / The Well State Amarra […]

Wim Hof Breathing Challenge : What its like & what you might learn

  “Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.” – Thich Nhat Hanh In this current climate our circumstances have quite literally exposed our capacity for emotional regulation. Practising breathing can actually support you in developing behavioural traits that will have long lasting benefits and support you in […]

How To Press Your Own Reset Button

Meet Adrian Allen : Mate and mentor to many   Adrian has spent the last few years motivating, supporting and inspiring people from around the world to invest in themselves, make lifestyle changes and reclaim their own personal power. He spent years as a coach in Phuket, Thailand before moving to Bali and then being […]

Feeling Lonely: Hard Truths & Quick Fixes

Ive never met a person who at some point in their lives hasn’t feared loneliness. It kept me in a relationship that had long reached its expiry date. For a long time I believed that in order to get over my fear of being alone, I had to get really good at turning inward and […]

Move Forward & Take Your Negativity With You

    Feeling pain, angst, anxiety, fear, overwhelm – it can be undeniable. You cant simply choose to shake it off, or think happier thoughts. It is in recognising this that you can to acknowledge that the only way forward is with that pain. You might have no choice but to build your future with […]

Aches, pains and ways to avoid injury : Aidan Mill of Forward Osteo

In this episode we sat down for a chat with Aidan Mill, passionate Osteo and proud local business owner. Listen in for simple tips and tricks to keep yourself in top condition – and to alleviate the aches and pains that keep us from moving without all the moaning and complaining! Forward Osteo is an […]