Choose Your Battles : The power of peace of mind

Life gets better when we learn to choose our battles – and it turns out most of them just aren’t worth fighting. Lets talk about how much of a game changer it is when we just decide within ourselves that we are not going to let anyone pull us into a fight – and what […]

Its OK to not have a Masterplan : What comes next?

Are you lost in your life? How are things going? What comes next for you? Today Im going to start a conversation with you that is likely to surprise you. As a person I am confusing and often complex. I love that about myself. I am not fixed to any form of identity that holds […]

Which version of you are you really?

  Who we are and who we choose to be is our lifes work. I believe we are given this one beautiful life to explore our own potential and embody the full experience of what it truly means to be ourselves. It sounds wonderful – but its not always easy. The questioning, confusion and loss […]

Choosing What Youve Chosen : The Key To Unlocking Results

Isnt it funny how the universe just sends you these little nudges and everything starts to make sense? NO? That’s not how it works for me either. I had a HUGE week this week and have experienced so many moments of clarity that I am just beyond excited about getting to share this energy and […]

How to Feel Your Best : Energy Hacks

  Here’s the truth. We arent usually a fan of ‘hacks’. But when the sleep doctor  Dr Michael Breus was teaching about strategic napping and his caffeine hacks, we were sitting up and paying attention. BRING ON THE ENERGY HACKS! In this episode we summarise the teachings of Dr Michael Breus as he shared ways […]

Why you need to spend money on your goals

Steve shares his weight loss progress and narrows in on the things he is going to do to drop his last 5kg and Lena shares ways to get over your nerves about training online by befriending the negative self talk that pops up each time you log on! 

Exercise Guidelines & Steves Fat Loss Progress

After 5 weeks on track – Steve’s energy is through the roof. Listen in as he describes how it feels to prioritise himself for the first time in a long time. We explore the Eisenhower Decision Matrix to support you in overcoming overwhelm so that you can find time for movement & even give you […]

Self Sabotage

In this episode we hold a mirror up to ourselves and examine the ways in which self sabotage needs to be seen in order for it to stop interfering with our desire to reach the goals we set for ourselves. Hand on heart, I know I have made deep, direct impact on hundreds of people. […]