Making Gratitude Simple: Unlocking Wisdom From Within

Today’s Episode is all about Gratitude, but heres what you need to know: I AM NOT going to ask you to stop and look around you and wake up to the blessings you already have. It doesnt sit well with me. ANYTHING outside of ourselves can be taken away from us. So in knowing that, […]

Meeting Living Legends : Iron Mike Tyson and many more

If you could meet your idol, shake their hand and look them in the eyes – what would you say to them? Listen in as Steve and Lena recount the opportunities that lead to them standing toe to toe with their greatest inspirations. Be inspired by the way in which they dont hold back in […]

Simple Hack to Reignite your Energy

  If you are like me you feel like you are pulled in a million different directions every day. My morning routine allows me to start my day feeling centred – but damn the world is a noisy, energy sucking machine isn’t it? Reflection at the end of the day lets me check in with […]

Confidence Through Action: Make Moves Today

We want you to have everything you want in this lifetime – right now. We want you to realise that you are your greatest asset. You are in the drivers seat of your life. You and only you can decide whether you wake up and live a life better than your dreams – or if […]

Why you need to start saying YES: Karen Dwyer

  Marathon Runner, Kidney Specialist, Mother & valued member of The Training Room Geelong Karen Dwyer sits down with us and shares insights into her fascinating life. Meet Karen Dwyer Be inspired by her incredible dedication to every aspect of her life and feel your jaw drop open as she recounts running the Boston marathon […]

Taking a Leap On Your Dreams: Caroline Makin

    The vision we hold for ourselves and our lives can seem out of reach sometimes. When the road ahead has lots of twists and turns, it can be hard to put your foot on the accelerator! Thats why its important to surround yourself with people that lead the way. People that have put […]