Quick Bites: Green Machine Pea Fritters

Everyone has a bag of frozen peas just waiting for the day they are taken out of the freezer, right? This quick recipe can be thrown together when you haven’t been to the shops and still want to serve something yummy for lunch. Also works well as an afternoon snack too! With just a little […]

Very Delicious Vegan Chocolate Pudding

We personally don’t subscribe to a Vegan lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean we turn our nose up at it either! Vegan recipes are a fantastic way to up the anti on the micronutrients you are including in your diet. Truth be told – we have been making this recipe for years & only just realised […]

Lunchtime Hero: Hidden Veggie + Chicken Balls

Finger foods serve many purposes in our household. They satisfy the needs of an independent toddler determined to feed himself. They are easy to eat on the move when Mum is multitasking & Dad can pack them for lunch at work too. Its a win for all. More importantly there are no nasties and plenty […]

Protein Packed Thai Peanut Chicken : SLOW COOKER

Super simple and delicious – this yummy, tummy filling thai peanut chicken dish is a winner! With VERY little prep you end up with a flavour packed dinner that works well as lunch the next day too! We LOVE cooking together, but while we don’t have the luxury of spare time to do that at the […]

On the go Muffins

  We are always on the hunt for quick, yummy snacks to throw at our toddler – and these healthy muffins have now become a way that Steve and I satisfy sweet cravings in the afternoon (or if im really honest – I have them for breakfast as Im chasing around a baby and trying to […]

Healthy Hearty RECIPES

    During Steve’s last weight cut for his third title fight – members were blown away as they witnessed his slowly but surely dropping an incredible 19kg over 10 weeks. What was most impressive was that Steve’s energy levels and performance sky rocketed at the same time! We dont keep secrets – we shared […]

What are BCAAS and should I be taking them too?

Supplements. Often a taboo subject. Mostly misunderstood! At The Training Room Geelong this week we have had a few conversations with members about the best ways to incorporate supplements into nutrition plans to boost results and recovery. That being said, it is worth noting that before we have these conversations we first ask members to consider […]

Eating Out In Geelong – Coaches Top Picks

Its no secret around here – we love to eat! Fuelling our bodies with food that is not only good for you, but tastes good is a priority for us! We believe preparing your own food at home is truly the best way to guarantee that you know exactly what is going into your body. […]