Pimp My Warm Up

You know that warming up is important (and you can probably admit you have avoided it!) In our corner we keep warm ups interesting and motivating by ensuring that there is a clear purpose to them!   Here is one way that you can pimp out your warm up if you have been lacking in […]


MAKE THEM MISS MAKE THEM PAY 🔥👊🏼   If I had to name one common trait between all great fighters – it is their underrated defense and evasion skills. If you can make your opponent miss and then make them pay for it – you will have a long and successful career. Hit and don’t […]

Unleash The Fighter Within

  A lot of people talk about wanting to become fighters – and then do nothing about it. We see this a lot in the fitness industry, but it doesn’t end there. I see it every day in so many different ways. People talk wanting to run a 10km fun run, but then don’t actually […]

Is Your Corner With You or Against You?

As a fighter – you don’t walk out to the ring alone. You walk out with the people you have selected to be in your corner throughout the fight. These are the people that will wipe you down and set you straight between rounds. Their voices will stand out amongst the crowd, as you fight […]


HUSTLE AND HEART WILL SET US APART #TEAMMOXON As part of Steve’s training camp for his upcoming World Title Fight – we want to give our members the opportunity to experience his Training Camp! Work alongside Steve in our 60 minute conditioning sessions to reveal your inner fire and add to the collective energy of […]

Improving PADWORK

MOXON 101   PAD WORK   When learning any fight style, you should work on the fundamentals of correct stance, footwork, striking and defence, in that order!     There is no need to smash the pads and break your pad holders’ arms. Leave that for the heavy bag!     When hitting the pads […]

Basics Win Fights

I am often asked “Who is the best fighter? Who do you think will win this fight? and What’s the best way to win a fight ?” I enjoy this kind of chat and the debates they can often kick off.  I stick to facts and my opinions have been formed as a result of […]