Home Workout : KB Supersets

Strength and Conditioning SUPERSETS A superset is two movements one after the other – before taking rest. In this workout we have set the super sets up like a circuit. Take rest ONLY when you need it – the aim here is to keep moving for the full 22 mins **WORKOUT: ** Total Time: 22 […]


We are PUMPED to release this new group session and we know its going to fast become a favourite. Our Fighting Fit group sessions are fast paced, motivating workouts– that are NEVER EVER the same! This engaging, heart pumping session cleverly combines anything and everything from barbell work, body weight movements, kettlebells, and High Intensity […]

Core conditioning — It’s not just about abs

Before We Begin: Core conditioning — It’s not just about abs Despite the hype we all see online, spot exercising abdominal muscles won’t get rid of fat. So lets be clear – doing more core work will not be the only determining factor of whether or not you end up with a “flat stomach” The […]

Aerobic Vs Anaerobic Exercise Explained

What type of exercise is right for you? That’s a loaded question & quite frankly, it’s a question that leads to a long conversation (because we love getting to know you!) but the organising principles are pretty simple. It seems that somewhere along the way the messaging has been complicated and confusing & that’s why […]

Want to be more powerful? 🔥

  In this context – power is the rate as which we perform work. It’s a combination of force & how quickly we can move something in a given direction. Kind of makes us wish we had of paid more attention in year 9 science 🤓🤪 We will spare you the science lesson today and just […]

Periodisation : Another Big Term Broken Down For You

Periodisation is a term you might not have heard of before – but this very concept can launch some of us (myself included) into a long debate about weight training, programming and how to maximise your sessions. Believe it or not – if you are training to change your body shape its not a matter […]