I HATED Bootcamp!

Q: Ive done bootcamp before and it has put me off group training. Why should I try it again? A: We understand! Bootcamps or group fitness sessions can be overwhelming, punishing and just plain unenjoyable. Training outdoors often sounds good in theory – but when its too hot, too wet, too windy – its just […]

Is it a bird ? Is it a plane? No, its a SUPERSET

Time in the gym is never wasted time! However, we know often our members are pressed for time – and it is for this reason we are committed to ensuring we are programming quality sessions that allow you to be confident that your time in the gym is time well spent!   Our strength and […]

Great Balls of Fire !

At The Training Room Geelong we are passionate about designing sessions that deliver results and are equally as committed to designing sessions that continue to be motivating because they are always different! You just never know what we might include in one of our Strength and Conditioning sessions to challenge you! One of our most […]

Building Strong, Lean, Sexy Legs

Can you feel it ? Or am I just being optimistic? The weather is finally starting to warm up! As we get excited to pull on shorts rather than leggings – our focus in the gym may shift to building shapely legs (all the better to tan with right?!) It is very common for women […]

What is Strength & Conditioning ?

What is Strength & Conditioning ? Wouldn’t it be great to never have to do endless, boring sessions on cardio equipment ? Wouldn’t you love to know that your time spent in the gym is time well spent ? Are you familiar with ‘Strength and Conditioning’ sessions ? Let us introduce you! In 2017, with […]

Assault Bike – Why we LOVE to hate it!

Assault bike. Aire bike. Airdyne. Known by a few different names – synonymous with being all sorts of awful! Here at The Training Room Geelong..we love to hate it! This seemingly innocent piece of equipment combines the intense power of cycling against resistance while working your upper body, similar to a cross trainer. The assault […]

Why Women Need to Lift Weights

Why Women Need to Lift Weights  At the Training Room Geelong we are passionate about delivering fun, motivating sessions – but are equally as passionate about empowering and educating our members too. Weight Training for women has become more accepted and commonplace in gyms across Geelong, however we are still regularly meeting new members who […]