Check in with yourself : Reclaim the CHAMPION within you

If you have listened to the Moxon Weighs In Podcast – then you know that I have declared that Steve is the poster boy for self confidence. Dont get it twisted – Im not for a moment saying he is arrogant or lead by ego.


He is a man that undoubtedly knows who he is, what is meaningful to him, and how to live a life that lights him up from the inside out.

What lights your fire? What is it that makes you burn bright in your own unique, powerful way? 

Im really asking you this – what were you doing the last time you truly felt like you were the fullest expression of yourself? Completely alive and in the moment and just on fire?

Maybe the answer to those questions was easy for you to find and you are smiling to yourself right now, reliving the moment.

Or, you might be sitting back and wondering “what on earth is she talking about?!” because maybe you havent ever actually felt that way.

Being present in the moments that rejuvenate us and light us up are really important insights into who we are, and necessary if we are going to live sustainably happy lives and create and cause all that we are capable of.

For me – the answer is simple. Boxing. It genuinely lights my fire and every time I am in front of a boxing bag, I feel myself come alive.

Lets explore together & discover what it is that lights your own fire… 


Years ago, I completed a simple reflective exercise as part of the work I was doing to understand how to teach people to live more successfully, authentically and joyfully & found it to be powerful in its simplicity…

Right now, take a moment to think about what makes you feel truly alive & write it down….

When was the last time you did that activity…..

Based on the type of activity that youve identified as one that “lights your fire” what does this tell you about who you really are…

What areas of your life give you the opportunity to experience yourself in this way…


What areas of your life are in contrast to you having the opportunity to experience yourself in this way…


When you look at what you have written – its powerful to ask yourself how much of your day to day life actually provides you with opportunities to feel lit up from within.

Reminder – this is NOT an email that is supposed to spark judgement within you. Dont fall down a rabbit hole of self deprecation.

Our hope is that we can encourage you to take a moment to start to see connections between your thoughts and behaviours so that you can step FULLY INTO THE PERSONAL POWER that you have to be the champion of your own life.