Choosing What Youve Chosen : The Key To Unlocking Results

Isnt it funny how the universe just sends you these little nudges and everything starts to make sense?

NO? That’s not how it works for me either. I had a HUGE week this week and have experienced so many moments of clarity that I am just beyond excited about getting to share this energy and these thoughts with you today.

But let me start by saying this – the most meaningful moment for me throughout the week didn’t just fall from the sky. They weren’t coincidence and I certainly wasn’t surprised by them. My breakthroughs came in the moments I was focused, open to receiving and in the firing line of the specific people I have employed to support me in reaching the next level of my life.

This week, I began working with Kate Maree O’Brien with the specific intention of having someone move me from what I think I need to be focusing on – to fast tracking growth by showing me the things that would actually make an immediate impact.

Her impact will be seen and felt in the way I navigate my offerings in the online space early next year and this week, before we sunk our teeth into the epic task ahead – Kate took him to discuss the mindset shifts that are absolutely necessary to be a person ready for extraordinary growth within their business.

She was speaking my language. I am ALL about working on mindset to build the momentum youll need to implement any strategy in any area of your life.

Want to know what the biggest thing I took away from her 1 hours dialogue about exploring your inner game?

The importance of choosing what you have chosen.

Yes, choosing what you have chosen. Those words clicked within me. They resonated deeply. I have felt them before, many times in my life and hadn’t found a way to articulate what was going on.

Choosing what you have chosen is probably the most powerful thing you can do as you walk the walk of someone that can achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

If you are a person that has set certain health and fitness goals for themselves, this most definitely applies to you.

It could very well be the missing link – and understanding what this means and what it needs to look like could very well be the fast track to results that you have been waiting for.

Lets explore this. Are you ready? Good! Im excited to share this with you

Ive explained many times and Im sure you can understand that anytime we set a goal for ourselves, we are ultimately commiting to feeling a certain level of discomfort. We set goals to create a new reality for ourselves, something that is in its very nature going to force us to expand, evolve and exist in a new way. Inevitably, as you work towards those goals there are going to be obstacles that come up. Heres what you need to know – the issue isn’t that we have obstacles present themselves to us as we work to achieve our goals, the issue is what we make obstacles mean.

The obstacles themselves don’t stop us from moving forward – its our thoughts and beliefs about the things that distract us, throw us off track or get in our way.

Over ten years of working one on one with people desperate for change in their physical state has shown me that the majority of people that set goals are not actually ready to go all in on achieving those goals.

That’s the truth.

If you have ever set a goal for yourself and not seen in through, reflect and ask yourself – how much of you was REALLY choosing that next level of yourself?

How much of you was really ready to bring action to the things that you needed to do to make it more than just wishful thinking?

Put very simply, when we set goals we take time to think about where we are and then more time thinking about where we want to be. We get motivated and excited about the end results and if we are really honest, we kind of ignore the messy middle that we logically know is coming! We don’t fully commit to the journey – do we ?

No, we don’t. We start with good intentions but then something pops up, stuff happens, we feel tired, someone upsets us, we get stressed at work, we just struggle to follow through because the action we have to take makes us nervous, uncomfortable and feels too hard – we say “this isn’t right, this isn’t for me, this shouldn’t be so hard, I cant, I don’t want to, Ill try something else another time”

We choose to take action and we choose to understand WHY we want to achieve the goal we have set – but the reality of it is, we haven’t chosen the journey. When the reality of the journey presents itself, we resist it.

If you have set a goal for yourself at the moment, check in with yourself and ask – how much of you is REALLY choosing the next level of yourself?

I had that conversation with myself yesterday. I had committed to a second session on the treadmill as part of the goal I have set for myself, and as the afternoon rolled around – I was tired. Im juggling a lot of balls at the moment and working on many different things, and I was tired. It would have been very easy to simply say ‘Im tired and so Im going to hide from my commitments and try harder tomorrow’ but what I was able to do was understand that being TIRED was a part of the journey I am on.

I have chosen to work on what feels like a million things at once over the next few months – so I have to continue to choose what I have chosen. Being tired is part of the journey. Its pretty much guaranteed for the next few months. I have to choose it. I have to recognise that if Im going to achieve my goals, Im going to have to do a lot of things feeling tired.

Im not suggesting that anyone pushes themselves unecessaerily and runs themselves into the ground. I advocate for maintaining a strong, meaningful relationship with yourself and having very clear boundaries and strategies for self care – BUT I also know that at times when we are really working hard for growth in a certain area, we ca feel really uncomfortable – and that’s ok.

If you have ever tried to reduce the amount of processed foods or refined sugar in your diet you know it will get to day 3 and you will have a rocking headache and feel lethargic as all hell. It feels awful. Recognising that feeling that way is a necessary part of your journey will be useful in supporting you in understanding you are on the right track – even if it feels a little like shit in the moment.

In the health and fitness industry, we have been mislead to believe that with the right program, our goals should be handed to us in a way that feels effortless and easy. Logically – you understand that’s not the way the world works right?

When was the last time you achieved anything worthwhile that was just handed to you?

What we can do is spend time exploring ways to build the emotional courage to choose the obstacle or breakdown, choose it, worth with it, work through it all in pursuit of what you have chosen for yourself.

I have chosen financial freedom for myself and my family. I will have that within the next 6 years. Between now and then – I know I need to choose obstacles and breakdowns again and again until I breakthrough to the reality I know that I am worthy of.

You can do the same – in any area of your life. Set the goal and then continue to ask yourself how much of you is really choosing the next level of yourself?

Develop strategies that allow you to ask and answer this question of yourself again and again throughout the day. I have found it useful to create morning rituals that empower the thoughts, feelings and actions I need to charge full steam ahead into the day.

When I feel resistance within me, when I observe myself about to do ANYTHING that is in contrast to the goals I have set, I give myself about 90 seconds to feel the discomfort and then I consciously realign myself to the goals that I have set and take on the obstacles ahead, I run at them, I deal with them – I know you can do the same.

Don’t live the same day again and again and expect a different result. Fall down, dust yourself off and get up stronger each time.

Say a firm no to the things that make you feel like shit. Get out of rooms that overwhelm you or are filled with people whose low standards threaten to pull you down with them, acknowledge when you are feeling uncomfortable and face the challenge head on.

So often, I head people tell me they want to join in on a group session or book a PT but they are too nervous. That’s the obstacle. You could wipe that obstacle out in about 2 minutes simply by calling it out and taking action anyway. If you want to train but are nervous that you are too unfit, too out of shape, too shy, too uncoordinated – message me. Right now. Find me on Instagram at @thetrainingroomgeelong and simply say “Lena – my nerves have been running the show for too long and I want to start training my body and my mind to push through these moments of discomfort” or you could just type in all caps “ LENA HELP ME” and we will have a conversation that will quite literally eradicate your nerves in about 5 minutes.

So, before I finish up today – Ill ask you again, think of a goal you have for yourself in your life right now. It could be a better body, better finances, a better relationship. Hold that goal in your mind and then ask yourself, how much of you is really choosing the next level of yourself?

And if you were to really go ALL IN what would you do? What is the one thing you would do that would anchor your commitment and fast track your ability to see this beautiful goal of yours become so much more than just wishful thinking?

Go do it.
Take action.