Clarity Drives Progress : A look inside our TTRG Run Crew Forum

*PROGRAM BEGINS JULY 7th* If you are a member and haven’t yet joined our FREE running program – take a little look inside the level of support that goes on within our online forum 🔥🔥🔥

When things are free often we take them
for granted. A free running program suggests that you have nothing to lose by giving it a go. That sort of mindset is not welcome here. Not for this experience. Not in this group.

I haven’t put a price on this program – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider what it’s worth. The value that you can squeeze out of this program, this group and this experience is priceless.

I stand behind it with certainty and excitement. I know I have the knowledge and experience to coach you across the finish line – only you know whether you have what it takes to be there with me on the day of the half marathon.

I’m not talking about your level of fitness or running experience.

I am talking about the certainty you stand in. Certainty is the most important part of this program. Before you hit your first training run you have to be so certain that you will complete this program that the challenges that slow you down over the next few months (and there most definitely will be challenges – that’s life) won’t stop you.

How can you be certain that you will run the half marathon?

CLARITY. Get really clear about what this program and this run means to you. Why are you taking this on? If you can’t answer that I can guarantee you will skip training sessions & look for excuses to pull out of this group.

Why do you want to complete a half marathon? What does it mean to you? How will it feel? What will it prove? Who will you have to be to complete it? What will you have to overcome?

Most of us go through life without taking anything too seriously. We don’t set our sights on anything bigger than what we are comfortable with. We stay within the limits of the identity that has been bestowed on us.

Happiness is always predicated by growth. Stagnation, complacency, predictability won’t bring excitement, joy and moments of pride.

This program and this run can be a source of happiness – not because you run 21km, but because you clearly understand what it means to you at this point in your life.

When you are tired, sore, overworked, sleep deprived, bloated, unmotivated, pissed off, distracted – you will complete the program. Because the clarity that you have around WHY you are doing this will be greater than any excuse you have not to run.

You won’t always enjoy this program. It will seem like an inconvenience at times. Again – clarity around WHY you are doing this will be your shining light.

So – spend some time thinking about why you want to do this.

Then share it below in the comments of this post.

There is strength in vulnerability. We will all be able to support each other and be inspired to hold each other accountable to this program when we understand what it means to each of us.

You will get what you give to this program and this group.