The Commitment Diaries – A love note

This year an amazing group of women came together to support each other in actioning their intentions for 2019. Below is an example of the support they received in manifesting their own magic. 

*On my run this morning I got so very excited about working with you all in January – I am so excited to best support you in actioning your intentions for yourself. As soon as I finished running, before I went back to the house I sat down and banged this love note out for you all. BRING ON 2019 !


We have taken the time to share our story. The events or experiences that have shaped our beliefs and influenced our decisions. It is important for me to understand your story – but now I want to see your actions.
Don’t let yourself use your story as a crutch. Looking back helps us understand how and why we hold the beliefs we do. Moving forward is completely up to you.

Are you proud of yourself? It breaks my heart to hear people say they are their own worst enemy. Our society has accepted this as being ok. Whats worse is that if you actually openly admit to being proud of yourself – you are made to feel arrogant. Here is the thing – we have this one precious life to live. At any moment, life as we know it could change. Nothing is guaranteed.

If you feel like you are not living your best life, and that you haven’t found peace within yourself – it is worth relentlessly pursuing whatever it is you need to do to make that happen. Time is limited. Act now. You never know when your time will be up.

I have offended many people in the past. I am not bothered by it. People often ask me how to get results – but what they are really asking is ‘How can I get results without actually having to do anything or change anything about myself?’. I have come to realise that people don’t want to be told what to do. We all hate being dictated to. Beyond that, people are mostly offended by the truth. I can usually tell someone how to get results in one simple, straightforward sentence. I don’t bother answering that question anymore.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want to help people. Contribution is actually the thing I value most. What I will do is support you in cultivating the mindset you need to make the right choices for yourself. Light your own fire. Keep it burning.
So many of us rely on having others tell us what to do. We like to make everything someone elses responsibility – even our own health and happiness. The truth is, we already have everything we need within us. We have all the answers – we just might not yet be willing to do what we know it takes to live as the best versions of ourselves.

I hope you really push yourself this January to work on your mindset. Make an identity shift. Look closely at your personal mission statement. Start to behave in ways that fulfill that. Pay attention to details within your day. Don’t half ass anything. Make excellence in your life a habit. Don’t accept anything less than the best for yourself – especially from yourself.

Success is attainable for absolutely anyone. There are no secrets.

Commit. Focus. Execute.

Again and again.

Every day.

Everybody can start something. How many people can finish?

Everyone in life is going through something that you know nothing about. There will always be an excuse for why we can follow through on something if we look for it. Are you satisfied in being lead through life by your excuses?

Are you living your own life? Are you living someone elses life? Have you ever felt that you have lost your sense of identity? Has someone taken real estate in your head? Let your voice be the loudest. Our mind is limitless. Whilst physically we may have limitations placed on us – within our minds, we are capable of anything at anytime. Don’t live the way someone else thinks you should.

We create happiness simply by being the person we were meant to be. You wont find happiness. You can search for it in every way possible. Lose weight, take a class, travel the world, meet new people, fall in love, buy your dream car – you wont find happiness. You create it. You choose it. Adversity still exists for the person who is deeply happy. They have just learned to deal with it better.

I personally am not ok with living an ’average’ life. I have also learned that it has nothing to do with accomplishments or financial gains. Happiness for me is in knowing that I trust and follow my instincts. I truly do love everything about my world and my life. I wouldn’t change a single thing. I am often described as those closest to me as ‘someone who doesn’t give a f%ck’. That is a misunderstanding. Because I do care. I give SO MANY f%cks about everything in my life – but I no longer wait for the approval of anyone or anything before making decisions for myself. I march to the beat of my own drum. I urge you to begin to follow your own instincts. Some people might refer to it as intuition. That gut feeling that you cant deny. How often have you experienced something and regretted not acting sooner because deep down you had always known what needed to be done?

This January – act consciously. You already know the consequences and outcomes of not following through. You have set resolutions and failed before. Don’t settle this time. Don’t accept failure as an option for yourself. Rewrite your story. Be the hero in this chapter. Step up for yourself and make this the turning point – and then don’t look back. For some, this might mean you need to do more – for others it might mean you need to slow down, simplify and stop letting the wheels spin too fast.

Health and happiness from the inside out truly is possible. But only you can make it happen for yourself. DIG DEEP this January – make this the start of the rest of your life. You have found this group, these women, this opportunity at this point in your life for a reason. The universe always has your back. Don’t get in the way.

Love Lena