Decluttering Your Life : A conversation with Lou Hammer

In this raw, insightful episode Lena sits down across from the wonderful Lou Hammer – founder and director of lifestyle management company One Day P.A

They discuss and explore the way in which Lou turned an idea into a thriving business. Lou describes it as an ‘accidental business’ & shares the way in which post natal depression and rumbling with her new identity as a mother shocked her system but also put the wheels in motion for what was to become her new business in years to come after the birth of her second child.

Lou opens up and shares about depression, anxiety attacks and moments she felt she was actually having a heart attack. Listen in as she shares the ways in which she managed her own mental health and learned to understand and reconnect with herself.

You will LOVE this episode if you have an idea that you believe could be a business. Lou shares the specific steps she took before the launch of her business and why resigning from her job was the fuel she truly needed to make her business work.

Lena and Lou explore the benefits of owning your own business as compared to working within a corporate environment or a government job. On the flip side – they openly share the challenges that come with having to wear every hat within your business at all times!

Lou then takes a deep dive into the way in which she has built a trusted brand and the importance of supreme customer service.

Listen in as she describes the process of decluttering and the ways in which people’s attachment to objects often give insight into deeper struggles, conflicts and work that needs to be done on a personal level.

A fascinating conversation with a truly fascinating woman!

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