I don’t respect you either

I don’t respect you.

I didn’t make that decision alone. In fact – it was you that made that decision for me. You forced my hand. You gave me no choice.

You see – I am so in tune with my own values that the way in which I experience the world has become crystal clear to me.

Integrity matters.

I hold it above all else. Your car, your job title, your waist line, the stamps in your passport – they means nothing to me.

Your ego doesn’t fool me and your insecurities don’t make me think any less of you.

But here is where my judgements begin – when you open your mouth and make statements about what you are going to do … and then you don’t follow through.

In our society it would seem that we have all collectively agreed to believe that self love means cultivating excuses when we no longer want to action our intentions. Excusing yourself from following through on promises made or commitments declared.

The problem is – in giving into your excuses, you have given away your integrity. I notice. I see that you can’t even trust your own word. It means nothing to you. So the truth is – when I observe you playing below the line like that in your own life, it would be naive of me to give you any space in my life.

Deep connections are powerful – but each of us can only meet others as deeply as we are meeting ourselves.

So when you sign up for a running group but don’t make it the the start line – I can’t respect you.

When you announce you are going to fight but then pull out before you climb into the ring – I can’t respect you.

When you join a gym but then don’t make it to any of the group sessions – I can’t respect you.

I wouldn’t expect you to respect me if I simply didn’t do what I said I was going to.

If this offended you – I don’t care. It can only offend you if it is rings true to your character, and if it does – I don’t want you in my life anyway.

Not now. Not like this.

Integrity can be rebuilt.

But that is between you and your purest self.

Integrity can be ignited by a simple decision to action the smallest intention with 100% commitment. It could be as easy as getting out of bed when your alarm goes off. Eating a wholesome breakfast – not just today, but every day. Daring to stand up to the voices in your head that try to keep you small and hold you back from making the very changes you know you need to make today.

Once you stay true to your word you will be flooded with respect for yourself. You will action your intentions and you will see dramatic transformation in any and every area of your life that had been lagging behind drowning in complacency. When you do what you say you are going to do – nothing is impossible and anything is possible. There is no end goal and there are no limits.

Only possibilities.

Only potential.

People like that – people that are driven by that sort of energy, those are the people I respect. That is the sort of person I strive to be. From my mouth to the powers of the Universe. Experience has taught me that what I say matters. I choose my words carefully because at this point in my life – I don’t waste time blowing smoke. I have no interest in fooling anyone, especially not myself.

Round Three of The Training Room Geelong running group starts in July. I am passionate about best supporting anyone that wonders whether they can suspend their self doubt for long enough to tackle this challenge. Let it be known – I will respect you as long as you show respect for yourself.

Action your intentions.

When was the last time you held yourself accountable to doing exactly what you said you were going to do? Take this opportunity to strengthen the integrity you hold within you – let the finish line be the beginning of everything else that’s waiting for you.

To register for TTRG RUN CREW ROUND THREE which is FREE for our members email lena@thetrainingroomgeelong.com.au

Lena Phillips