Dont run away from Running!

I never became a great runner. I dont set the quickest pace, and my form is far from perfect. But running allowed me to practice the art of finishing what I start – and for that, I will also love running passionately.

InitiallyI started running because it was something I could do every morning no matter what my schedule was like, or where I was. Have legs? Can run! So off I went… I had set a distance for myself to complete and I got to work on improving my time over that set distance. Initially, just running that big, ugly, overwhelming 7km loop without stopping was considered a win!

As I began each run, I would question myself and my ability to complete the entire run – but I didn’t stop. I often cursed, and slowed down..but I kept moving.

And I would always finish.

I would literally give myself a little hi-5 as my parked car came into sight and I realised I had actually, successfully managed to finish the run without giving up.

Over time, I began to trust my body. I knew that it was strong enough to complete the run – I had done it before, I could certainly do it again.

Each day, I was afforded the opportunity to battle with my internal dialogue. When my thoughts were pessimistic and lazy and told me I wasn’t a runner, and that I couldn’t make it the whole way – my body told a different story and showed me otherwise.

Slowly, my thoughts came into alignment with the strength of my body. I knew I could, so I did. I didn’t have a moment when all of a sudden the self doubt disappeared and was replaced with positivity and affirmations. I just started showing up, and doing the run without over thinking it.

This started to trickle into other areas of my training. I stopped questioning myself and wasting time dreading workouts, I just showed up and got on with it…and revelled in the sense of accomplishment and flood of endorphins I was rewarded with each time I exercised.

Running has allowed me to enter many events within my community. I have completed running events with friends by my side, and family members cheering for me at finish lines. This euphoric feeling is something I wish I could bottle and share! Knowing you have put in the time to trust your body to carry you through a challenge and to be able to throw your hands in the air and cheer when you cross a finish line is so much fun, and something I think everyone should have the chance to experience!

From being a person who had to give themselves a (very stern) pep talk just to start running – I ended up successfully completing countless half marathons and even two full marathons! I have even completed running events overseas – what was once a challenge, became a hobby and then became a passion.

So even if you have never run before – just start. How ?

Have a program designed for you! Speak to one of our coaches at The Training Room Geelong to support you in bringing clarity to your goals and then design a program that will allow you to steadily improve week to week. Our running programs consist of both weight lifting and cardio sessions which are designed to improve fitness and strength. It is important to not be overwhelmed by your goal. By having a clear program designed you will feel in control and excited by the progress you are about to make! Little by little, day by day you will improve!

The second way to improve your running – IS TO JUST RUN! Dont avoid the running in all of the Strength and Conditioning workouts! We see many people choose the rower over a run when given the option. Challenge yourself to take off outside and put one foot in front of the other. Little by little, a little becomes a lot! Before you know it, you will have improved !

Undoubtedly the benefits to your overall health and physical appearance can be motivation enough to begin running regularly, but the deeper lesson to be found within challenging your mental state and holding yourself accountable to finishing what you start will be just as rewarding!

See you at the finish line!