Drop it Like Its Hot – THE LOW DOWN ON DROP SETS


It is our mission here at The Training Room Geelong to ensure that our sessions are engaging, motivating and get you RESULTS! Our bodies are fantastic at adapting to training (that is why when you do the same thing for awhile you feel like you start to plateau!)

In our Strength and Conditioning sessions we do all the work so that you can simply jump in on the sessions without worrying whether what you are doing in the gym is right for RESULTS! We program effectively so that your workouts are efficient and we avoid the dreaded plateau! In the next few weeks we will be including drop sets into our strength and conditioning programs – you’ll know about it when we do because you will be learning all about what feeling the burn is really like !!

We personally LOVE drop sets and incorporate it into our own training whenever we can because we have found it to be one of the most efficient ways to form lean muscle mass (the golden ticket to weight loss, strength and increased energy!)


Here is how it works: You begin with a set of ‘heavy’ weights and, as you start to fatigue and you finish your set – rather than stopping , you immediately drop down to a set of lighter weights and continue with another set of reps.

This is smart programming as essentially what you have done by doing this is fatigue one group of muscle fibers with your heavier weights, then by going lighter, you have recruited a SECOND group of muscle fibers – you have boarded the fast train to muscle growth!


You will also find that this way of training will get your heart pumping and sweat dripping quite quickly – its EXCELLENT for burning energy making it an incredible way to workout.

*BUT TAKE NOTE – you have to swap your weights quickly and push through the burn!!

We look forward to coaching you through drop sets in the next few weeks ! You are likely to experience them in our strength and conditioning sessions but they may even pop up in our Box & Burn sessions too (boxing and full body conditioning group session)