Energy Hacks before you Workout

FEELING FLAT? We have you covered 👊🏼 Workouts are strategically placed throughout our week to give us the energy and vitality we need to kick ass in every area of our lives – to make us the kind of person that lives the kind of life that not only looks good, but feels good.

So how do you get the energy to generate that kind of energy in a workout?

Here’s 5 of our go to energy generating hacks :

1 PUMP A SOLID PLAYLIST : If you plan on working out tomorrow, choose your playlist today. It affirms your decision to train and will be there for you ready to lift your mood right from the get go

2 Choose your workout AHEAD OF TIME and write it down to solidify your commitment. If you aren’t sure what you are going to do – Scroll through the online workout hub and choose a workout. The key is to do it ahead of time!! Procrastination is POWERFUL – so don’t make any room for it to show up and suck your energy away from you.

3 Caffeine. 20 mins before you start your session. You can argue this one if you like – we will still neck an espresso shot before we train. Sorry not sorry.

4Set a timer to remind you to train. It might be an alarm in the morning to get you out of bed, or an alarm set during the day to remind you to wrap up whatever you are doing and prepare to start your session (SEE NUMBER 3!!)

5Leverage the energy of a live session! Organise to jump in on a live group session to feel the collective energy of your community. If you can’t make the live session – train along to the replay, you’ll catch the same vibe