Essentials to have in your gym bag for Boxing and Muay Thai Kickboxing Training

Essentials to have in your gym bag for  Boxing and Muay Thai  Kickboxing Training

Written by Steve Moxon, WKF Middle weight World Champ and Head Boxing and Muay Thai Kickboxing coach at The Training Room Geelong.


As a head coach at The Training Room Geelong, it is obvious to me that  the members that have a clear training plan to follow are motivated, committed and make good progress, session after session.

Knowing exactly what your plan of attack is for your workout for the next day, before you go to bed will  keep you on track and allow you to wake up with a sense of purpose.

However, the best intentions for training can go out the window when members turn up to the gym unorganised and without the essential things they need to participate in a session. There is nothing more frustrating than making the effort to get yourself to the gym and realising you don’t have something that you need.

I am often asked by new members exactly what they need to bring to a boxing or Muay Thai Kickboxing session – and the answer is quite simple. There really isn’t any fancy gear that you need, just a few essentials that will ensure you can train hard and enjoy your session.

When preparing for your next training session and packing your gym bag before you leave the house make sure you remember to include the following:

  •   Comfortable Training Gear –

You will need shorts or tights that allow you to move freely. A singlet that will not slip off your shoulders as you throw punches… and comfortable underwear! A hair tie (and spares in your bag) for anyone with long hair that will bother them as they move around training.

  • Runners – warm ups and conditioning drills in Boxing and Muay Thai Kickboxing often involve running and skipping. Appropriate footwear is essential.


  • Hand Wraps –

Your hand wraps should be dry, clean and rolled up ready to use. If they are not rolled up, they should at least be untangled. There is nothing worse than watching someone miss out on warming up because they are wasting time wrestling with their knotted hand wraps.


  • Water Bottle and Towel –


  • Protective Equipment – This includes gloves (16 Ounce Gloves if you are planning on doing contact drills) mouth guard, shin guards and groin guards.


  • Elastoplast Training Tape – This can be used to prevent rubbing/chaffing on any niggles or blisters you have.


  • Spare clothes and underwear to change into straight after training to keep your body warm and to feel comfortable on your way home.


Remember, it is definitely not essential to have the flashiest gear, it is most important to have the things you actually need in your gym bag that are comfortable and suitable for you.