Fast Track Results: Drop the Expectations & Start Experimenting


One of the things it took me a really long to really understand was that training was just one big experiment.

Years ago, I believed that results would come when I finally worked out what the perfect workout was and what the most effective way of eating was. I would spend so long planning and researching and then sitting down in front of my diary and creating the perfect schedule.
Id make plans for the perfect week of training and eating and it would be all colour coded and organised there in my diary. And that’s about as far as I would get with it. Id spend more time trying to create the perfect plan then I ever did actually actioning my intentions.

Is it any wonder why?? I had worked so hard to make my plans so perfect that they were in fact pretty intimidating. Whats more, and probably more honest is that by creating what I thought was the perfect, fool proof, results guaranteed plan, I was hesitant to begin – because I didn’t want to fail. If the plan was “perfect” and results didn’t come, I wasn’t sure how I would handle that feeling of failure. I didn’t want to learn that I was hopeless. I was scared to even try.

Years later, and a whole lot of self awareness internalised, heres what I have learned that has made all the difference.

If you want to get fitter, healthier, lose weight or change your body in any way – you don’t have to get it just have to get it going.

The most powerful thing you can do for yourself if just give yourself permission to just go – try stuff, experiment, learn and keep going.

How many times have you sat on the internet, looking at websites, searching through timetables, reading reviews and then do absolutely nothing about any of it? Is it because you are waiting for a big wave of momentum to pick you up and carry you into action?

Friend, let me tell you the one, undeniable truth you really need to know – until you actually get started, you wont have ANY momentum behind you.

It doesn’t matter how clear your vision is, how compelling your why is, how fine tuned your plan of attack is – none of that matters until you actually get going.


About ten years ago, maybe even more, I was quite literally forced into my first running event. I was terrified. I didn’t want to look like a fool. I wasn’t sure whether I could run the distance. I didn’t know what to expect. I worked myself up into such a state of worry and anxiety that when my partner at the time pulled up outside and beeped his horn, ready to pick me up and take me to the running even – I burst into tears. I turned it into this big, massive thing – it felt like the whole world was on my shoulders. I felt like I couldn’t bear the weight of it all.

But, as the sick little people pleaser I was back then, I wiped my tears – got in the car and found myself at that running event. Thank goodness. Because I learned A LOT about myself and about fitness events that day.

I learned that there were literally 1000s of people just like me, who weren’t great runners but were just there to give it a go. I discovered I was far more capable than I had given myself credit for. I realised that the challenge was actually what made the whole experience so rewarding. I felt proud of myself in a way I had not experienced before. So, from then on – I dropped the weight of my own expectations and allowed myself to just give things a go. To experiment. To stop pretending that anyone expected me to be an expert or an elite athlete, and more importantly to stop pretending that anyone even gave a shit about what I was doing or experiencing! That’s the other truth – no one gives a shit about you, they are too busy worrying about themselves!

This attitude has served me well. Its with me in business when I try a new approach, or implement new systems, or decide to create a podcast – lets just see what happens. Instead of all the reasons why I cant, I give myself the gift of simply being open to finding out through action, rather than frozen by self doubt.


What could you make yourself available for if you just gave yourself the permission to just experiment. To just give yourself a go. Don’t rope yourself in to a commitment that you don’t know you can keep.


If you are really wanting to get on top of your health and fitness, maybe lose some weight and feel in shape – Don’t begin by telling yourself you HAVE to do a particular style of training 4 times a week for the next 12 weeks.

Why are you being so demanding? Why do you make things feel like a punishment ? Could you just say to yourself, lets try this and see how it goes?

When you allow yourself the chance to try something, reassess and then keep going – you no longer have to be a person that is all or nothing. You wont be on or off the bandwagon. You wont come at your goals with angst and desperation for change.

When you allow the journey to just be one big experiment, you are open to fun. You are open to allowing it to be a chance to not only reach your health and fitness goals – but to discover more about yourself.